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Nice that Petco has helped some get service dogs, but my service dog Doggie was injured at a Petco and now cannot work. I have been left without a working partner. The vet said he may recover but is going to need a lot of retraining. Petco you could have cared, but you just sent it to a claims adjuster that is only interested in medical bills and vet bills. What you do not seem to care about is that I now have lost use of the only life line I had to get me out into the community. I am devastated. I worked my tail off for 17 months to train my American Dingo, only to lose use of him in 17 minutes at Petco in the hands of a groomer. Make it right Petco, help me fix my dog. Here are some of the task that he learned for me with a couple he was working on.

Cross trained for several disabilities here are SOME of the things Doggie learned the last 17 months...

1. Puts himself between me and other people to keep an open area around me and alleviate anxiety, and protect from being bumped into due to brittle bones.

2. Tucks in against me when symptoms of Complex PTSD manifest

3. Touches me helping with dissociation, to bring me back to an aware state.

4. Stays with me when dissociated for my safety.

5. Trained to push me out of the way of unsafe drivers and electric cars I cannot hear.

6. Tells me when to make meals, I forget to eat.

7. Balance and counter balance work.

8. Pulls my wheelchair.

9. Wakes me from nightmares associated with PTSD.

10. Makes me get up and move around when I get obsessed on something.

11. Assists going up and down stairs and rough terrain.

12. Brings me toys to play with when depression sets in.

13. Is learning to alert me when my voice is too loud. I have trouble with that.

14. Is learning to push the button, like on a door or crosswalk

15. Safely takes me across streets and finds the crosswalk button.

18. Rides in elevators.

19. Goes in public bathrooms.

20. Shops and stands in lines like at the grocery and other stores.

21. Goes through automatic doors.

22. Stands back while I open doors.

23. Will shop with me with a shopping cart.

24. Lays under table at restaurants and soup kitchens.

25. Signals me with a bark when a situation gets too stressful for me in public, so I can use it as an excuse to leave and go outside

26. Stands and watches without sound or trying to chase wildlife as I take photos and videos, alert for danger to take me away from it.

27. Has an uncanny sense of who to steer clear of on public streets and places thus keeping me out of danger which many times I was unaware of.

28. Can get help if needed at home.

29. Tells me when my blood sugar is low.

30. Checks out the house when we get home.


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First of all how was your dog supposedly "injured". You never state this.

Secondly, what exactly is your disability. You are all over the board. You are depressed, in a wheelchair, deaf, can't tell when you're hungry, have PTSD etc. etc.

The list goes on! I call it as I see it ***


A whole lotta words with no details. You do not say how the dog was injured.