Shelby, North Carolina

petco in charlotte north carolina on south blvd refused to honor a rain check they gave me two days previously by a store manager. they also had merchandise on the clearance shelf and refused to sell it at a discount (same manager again). they stated they used the shelf for overflow while restocking. it doesnt seem right to me. oh well, i will never step foot into their stores again. very poor customer service from manager.

petco = bad

their prices were never the greatest anyway, so i will just go back to target or walmart. shame on petco. shame shame shame.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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If there arent any prices on the merchandise in the clearance then its not like anything is marked wrong. and have fun at walmart and target but now you animals are not getting whats best for them.


did the stuff even have a price tag, how was this bait and switch?