July 4th 2013 in Needham ma my greyhound's leg was broken in multiple parts due to incompetent grooming procedures. Pet co did pay some medical bills after I hired a lawyer which cost money out of pocket.

I am suffering because she can no longer help me and my dog suffers permanent damage as she is off balance and bumps into things. Please keep your pets safe and stay away from pet co.

I am paying vet bills out of pocket because of Pet co hires inexperienced groomers and many pets have died or have been disabled for life. Pet co take responsibility for your actions!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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Redwood City, California, United States #918580

Petco in Needham MA will not trim our Guinea Pigs Nails? They refused this service -- so after they run out all the small shops for Pets who would do these services they cut them. Typical Chain Store BS.


How does something like that happen...


I would love for this owner to contact me. I too have a service dog that walked into the grooming shop, needed aide to get out of the building, another customer lifted him into the vehicle.

Next morning he was carried to the vehicle, and into the vet's office. X-rays were done and showed the L6 and L7 were compressed. He could not walk for over a week. A month later his limp did not go away, hip x-rays were done and a bone chip was found in the socket.

Hip replacement has been suggested. usarmylady@gmail.com Contact me please


I am so sorry for how they mistreated your dog. This kind of stuff angers me.

Poor baby. Hope your dog feels better soon.

Service dogs are not cheap and they become wonderful companions. Hope you win your case.

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