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I took my golden retriever to Petco to get groomed. The disaster started when two hours after dropping her off they had not even started on grooming her. When they finally finished and we picked her up, she was favoring her eye, blinking and obviously in pain.

We thought maybe they got soap in her eye so we washed it out with water and called petco for their opinion on what we should do. They told us to wash it out with a saline solution, so we did.

The next day it only looked worse, so we took her to the vet. They found no cuts on the first visit, but when her eye did not improve a couple of days later we took her back to the vet. They found a chemical burn in her eye that had blistered. So my sweet girl has a burn on her eyeball and will "probably" heal within a couple of weeks.

Do not take your pets to petco. It is absolutely not worth your pet being in pain.

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How do you "favor an eye"? Maybe she had a eyelash in it?

How did your vet not see this "chemical burn" the first time? You'd think it would have been more visible.


I work at petco and we are required to use eye drops for the dogs to protect their eyes in case shampoo does get in their eyes. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at PETCO.

However not ALL PETCO salons are bad. At least at my salon we follow all policies and safety procedures to ensure a safe environment for the pets and staff.


This can happen at any grooming facility. Some dogs may shake or move and end up with soap in their eyes.

Even the most gentle, tearless shampoo can have this effect.

I use eyedrops before and after the bath to try to protect the eyes and have my groomers do the same. It is not mandatory at PetCo but it is at PetSmart.