Frisco, Texas

I took my puppy in to be groomed at PetCo thinking that because of the high cost I would have no problems and that my poodle would be properly done. They butchered him, they cut him in 4 places on his stomach, told me he was severly matted (he was groomed at PetsMart less than one month prior and he is totally and indoor dog except to go potty).

They did not clean the hair out of his ears, they did not shave his feet, but they took the clippers and they stripped him down when I told them I wanted "fluffy." His coat was so whacked and not even that I had to contact another groomer and have him taken in just to shave him down completely so that when he grows back out he will grow out evenly. It was the worst experience ever. I was told by a groomer that used to work at PetCo that it is not about the quality of your dog and they charge for every little thing they do. They just like to run them in and run them out.

I will not step foot into a place like that ever. The only great thing is I found a professional groomer that will take special care of my little puppy. I told them exactly what I wanted. I hope this will save another dog from such an experience.

My dog goes to the groomer every 4 weeks, because we like him fluffy and don't want him matted.

PetsMart did a better job, but I recommend a personal groomer in place of a large corporation. Best of luck to other pet owners in the future.

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Yes I agree. ...

the larger companies don't seem to care how their grooming depts., operate!

They give a lot of Hype about their so called love of animals but my experience with Petco has left me livid with the way both the grooming dept., operates & store mgt. through customer care could care less!


PETCO cares about nothing but, money. Worst "customer service" ever. I buy NOTHING from these greedy people.


I had similar experience in Laveen, AZ at the Petco. I didn't know how to put a picture up, but it was a horrific event for me.

I will never use or by anything from them again. I keep getting coupons in the mail, but I'm finished with Petco.

This happen before, but not as bad, I thought they may have learned from the previous bad grooming.


Any corporate place is gonna try to pull them in and push them out... Quality doesnt matter, only quantity...

And if you personally, as a groomer who cares, try to go for quality rather than quantity, you get punished for not meeting goals... Thats corporate america for ya

Angry Family Member

Please do not stand for this. They hurt that sweet little doggy so give them ***.

I live in Toronto and I had a similar experience at Petcetra where my huge standard poodle came out looking like a rat. I made a huge stink and you better stand up for your poor dog. Can you imagine his pain? Being held down and sliced?

These people are awful. Tell your story all over and boycott them.





Your right! This dog is a mess!

I think you should take it to the vet and have it put down!

OR Maybe just wait a month and take it somewhere else! The dog seems alot more normal than you, and he was the one that was butcherd