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OMG......Stick to the issues! get off your soap boxes and get a life.

Yes, I posted a huge complaint. I got results. Now could you \"wanta make a name for yourself\" Go make a blog and get off this site. Or should I say get a job and stop writting all this BS.

I only want to be notified if there is a real issue to the original complaint. Thank you!

Original review posted by user Sep 08, 2011

I went to your store #1883, 12633 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Chester VA 23831-5307 yesterday. I have been going to this store since it opened. I will never shop that store again! The store is dirty, dog food lying on the floor...if my dog had eaten it I would have to sue PETCO.

I went into the store to purchase dog food and to talk with the trainer about my dog. (I need additional training) Only to be told the trainer "Gail" was on medical leave. I said that I need to talk with someone else than. She said the manager would be at the counter soon. Well…I waited, waited and waited about 15 mins. Grant it the store was empty. So I proceeded to get my dog food, pay for it have my son put it in the car come back and the manager still wasn't there.

When he finally did show up I was in shock! He didn't look like management. His uniform was messy, wrinkled, sleeves cockeyed and very airagent. Had I know he was the Manager I would have gone up to him and asked these questions? The entire time I was waiting at the counter he was laughing and carrying on with two of his friend in the fish area. He could see me waiting the whole time. That is just plan Rude and bad customer service.

I asked him about the trainer "Gail" he said she was out on medical leave, I asked when she would be back; he replied she isn't coming back. I once again asked if Gail was alright. He ignored me and said there was a new trainer coming on September 17th. I told him I needed an AKC class for my 7 yr old Pit Bull, who has never had any training, never socialized with other dogs and very protective of the family. He said the new program was great and they would no longer be using prong collars in the classes, that there classes would be much gentler. He wanted to sign me up right away. I asked for pricing and said I would have to get back to them. I don't know what this manager is up to…but the dog trainer that was there "Gail" knows a lot about dogs! Especially aggressive dogs.

I don't know what is going on in this store, all the old employees are gone, the new ones don't know what they are doing and your store just looks like ***! (Dirty, stock everywhere, small creatures in dirty cages)

I would like to hear from someone about this complaint in a timely manner. If not I will forward this letter onto the "Richmond Times Dispatch", WTVR CBS, WRIC ABC, WBBT NBC and PETA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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She trained mine in personal protection. Thanks love you :p


She trained and nationally certified my dog as a service dog. And my dog and g have changed my life completely.

I owe u alot G. Know we love and care about you.


My dog is a cetiified therapy dog now thank u and love working with u


my gsd is now a cert SAR dog with the help of g. She's worked my dog for 1yr now and thanks to her I have passed al my certifications. Thank u and love you to u r the bomb.


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Please make sure you read the previous page. They see trying to fill the page up with "blah, blah" so the comments about the dog trainer won't be seen. Please read through and go to the next page.




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