Richmond, Indiana
Not resolved

The problems I have had with 1 order is ridiculous! I placed an order to get 1 particular item. I added a few other things. Next day I was emailed that the main item I wanted would not be able to be supplied, so I wanted to cancel whole order. I was told I had to wait for a tracking number to be generated...did not make sense to me. Then I get an email saying part of order has been shipped, the 3 dollar item I added to get free shipping. Next day I was informed 2 other items were on backorder. I called and asked how long would a backorder take. I was told 3 weeks or so. I said that was too long and could they please cancel those items. I waited on phone for 15 minutes and was told they had been cancelled. 12 hours later I get an email about the next shipment of the backordered items. I call back and was told nothing could be done. But I could return them to the local store, but since I used paypal, I could only get a store credit. Needless to say, I am not in the mood to shop in your store right now.

The whole experience with your store has been the worst I have ever had with an online store. Four phones with an average hold time of 10-15 minutes and absolutely no help at all.

I will do my best to stop anyone I know from doing business with your store.

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