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Hi, I'm not sure if this is a corporate site, but I was deeply disturbed by the results of the pet costume Halloween contest that took place today at the Petco location near Verbally, it was stated by the store manager that bonus points if the owners worked themselves into the theme of the pets costume. Well, after a 20 min. Deliberation, results came back. All three winning pets had store bought costumes. My pets costume was handmade 100%. In fact, I had spent 12 hours creating the look. So, how is buying a store bought costume being creative?? I have several pre-made costumes for my pet that I could have easily just attached and entered; however, winners would be chosen by creativity. The second was to be accurate to character portrayed. Well, of course a store bought costume will be accurate. They are designed with a specific theme in mind. And thirdly, the pet must match the character portrayed. The winning pets were first place, a bulldog 'Bentley', who's owner arrived at the end of judging, and wore a pre-made plane outfit??? Second place was a terrier mix, 'Lucky', who's owner was the mother of an employee in the grooming section of the store and who signed the dog up for the contest. Shouldn't employees and relatives be ineligible to win prizes??? Anyways, Lucky had a store bought sailor costume, which the owner, added buttons and metals to. And, the third place winner was a cocker spaniel, black, with a store bought skunk outfit. Also, none of the owners dressed up with the theme of the dog. And had no rhyme or reason why they chose those costumes. Now, onto my entry. I have a Pomeranian whom I had specially groomed with what is called a 'fox cut'. He was portraying Disney's Robin Hood. If you look up a photo of Disney Robin Hood, you will see that the main character is a fox. I made his costume from scratch to look exactly like the photo provided. I dressed up as maid marian with her photo on the front of my veil. As the contest isn't about the owners, I was a reasonable facsimile of the character, but focus was on my dog. When i walked in the store, a comment was made as to how my dog was perfect for the character chosen. I have photos of the winning dogs, as well as my dog and feel that this should be addressed with the manager of the store. The fact that this company did not abide by its own rules makes me question its integrity when it comes to everyday business as well as having relatives of employees participating and winning titles was an addition turn off. I am very disappointed with the results of this years contest and am taking my business to your competition unless they too are as unethical as today demonstrated to be. Although this may sound like a sore loser letter, I do want you to know that for three years in a row, 2007, 2008, and 2009 my dog has entered and won first place twice and second place the third year. My ability to create a perfect consume and the time to create it is part of the joy of entering these contests and I absolutely would have graciously accepted loss if the rules of the contest were followed.

I hope you take the time to investigate the unethical practices of today's contest and hope that there is resolution, as I am one customer that Petco has lost. How many others were turned off by today's situation??? Thank you for your time.


Catherine Enriuqez-Urbina

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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It has become apparant to me that I need to work on my communication skills. The point of this complaint was not to whine that I did not win the contest.

I don't care about the contest. Secondly, my apologies to being taken to the wrong site. Perhaps this site is for those whose issues are more severe than my complaint, but it was recommended that I let Petco know that I was 'put off' by the way the contest was run. I do still believe it is unethical to have employees of a store become winners of a contest, but perhaps that's just me.

If nothing else, it seems as though I have given quite a few people a reason to laugh on a site that contains so much animosity. Again, please accept my apologies for coming to a site used to report more serious issues.


Hahahahahaha. You're pissed because of a contest? Honestly, I cannot wrap my head around just how sad that really is. Most people's complaints on here are legitimate i.e. Prices, animals being treated incorrectly, etc. Maybe your costume just wasn't as good as you thought. Or usually, when you have to actually explain what a costume is, it kind makes the costume pretty dumb to anybody who isn't you. Somebody could have the greatest costume in the world on, but if everybody has to stop and ask "What are you supposed to be?" It kind of takes away anything that made the costume creative or unique. Nobody is going to vote for a costume in which they aren't exactly sure what it even is.

I can understand being mad that you spent that much time and effort and didn't win; but saying that they were "unethical practices" is quite humorous. And to take the time to write a pretty long complaint about it, it just plain hilarious.

You said that your ability to create a perfect costume and the time you spend on it is part of the joy. So just enjoy that joy, and chill out.


i work for peto employes can enter but we are not allowed to win so they schould not have allowed that person to win :eek


This is hilarious.


You lost. Get over it! Better things to worry about than some ridiculous contest.