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I adopted a Guinea Pig from Petco. Richard, my guinea pig, got really sick about a month after I adopted him. Petco set up a vet visit and covered the bill how nice!! I called a while later to see if they could help again? I thought it was part of the adoption plan. Well it's not and I understand why completely. However, theres a way to handle everything. The GM of Petco in the Mansfield, TX area had me in complete shock as every word came out of his mouth. He repeatedly said how much of a courtesy it was for them to even do it the first time, which it is BUT thats what they should do? If I'm going to do a COURTESY and adopt an animal that has been dropped off by people who treated Richard, God knows how! Then yes you should help out if he becomes sick soon after adopting. THEN he talked of how it would be different if I bought the animal? Ohhhh so if I paid you money then you care more for Richard... Makes sense.. -_- a animal is an animal!!! You should care for them no matter what! The thing that made me so upset was how he didn't even care how I felt. I'm sure you all know what it's like to have a pet. You love them! And it's sad when they are sick! How could that GM who by the way is suppose to be professional be so heartless. I liked petco but after that not anymore...

Dear Petco,

Hire people who care about animals. Genius, huh? Or maybe you ( Petco) should care more about the animal rather than money.

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In your rant, you do care that Petco paid or did not pay for your animal. If the company has no history on the animal, why should they be responsible for the health? Isn't that what you signed up for when you adopted the animal?


I'm not holding them responsible. I understand why they don't pay for it. I just don't like how they handled the situation.


At petco when some adopts an animal they agree to provide care and must sign a release. Maybe you should have read the paperwork?


I am very glad you adopt unwanted animals

but I don't see holding PETCO responsible for paying for vet care. :)