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I needed a new litter box for my cat and found what I wanted on Petco's website. According to the website, it 'usually' ships the next day.

There was no indication that it was not available. I placed my order, but what I got the next day was an email that the item was backordered. I logged on to the site in hopes of a live chat so I could ask for an estimated shipping date. There was a message on the site that "live chat was not available." Using a different browser I went to the Petco website and searched for the same litter box.

I found it and it still said it ships the next day. Then a live chat window pops up, asking me if I wanted to chat. I said sure and asked if this litter box was available. I was told it was.

I asked again - is it available and ready to ship. Again, I was told it was. So I asked why my order said it was backordered. I was told that my order was in fact backordered and that their website is not updated.

So, NEVER trust their website. If you don't care if or when you get something then fine, order from Petco.

But if you do, order from someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Website.

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Sooo, I waited several days and couldn't get any clearer date of delivery so canceled the order and got it elsewhere. Hope you have better luck.


When did you end up receiving your litter box? I recently ordered from and one of my items was backordered.

I was just wondering, based on your experience, when I could possibly expect it. The answers from customer relations seem very elusive.


Urmom, I agree with you that 'usually ships the next day' means it might not ship the next day, but I suggest you bone up on your English. It doesn't mean 'not available' or 'may never ship'. All I'm asking for is honest information regarding the status of an item.


That's why it says "Usually ships" and not "Always Ships". They even went the extra mile to put it in writing for you and you still failed at life.