Bluffton, South Carolina
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Update by user Feb 28, 2012

This store is closing ! Yippeee !

Original review posted by user Feb 17, 2012

I was glad to see that others who worked at Petco stores see what goes on. I hope the consumers read this.

The prices are $2 more on most items than the local PetSmart. Managers suck, I've been there almost 3 yrs and new hires, ( his favorites) get treated better. The store is dirty, break room is full of cockroaches, mice, etc. Register lights don't work, no bag racks, customers come up to pay and they dont' know what register to go to.

Store has to keep budget and not hire people needed. Animals are given minimum needed in food, we actually get reprimanded if we put too much food in for them.. Learning computer does not work, Wellness room is dirty. Certain employees, like the dog product/trainer manager marks down what they want, and take it at what they want to pay.

Aquatics manager charges his friends less, lets them return items they stole and gives them store credit, says fish die, then gives them to his friends, the list goes on. The store is full of moths that invade even the top brand foods because corporate won't let them spend the money on proper care of products to keep bugs out.

I have to use a cane and they are dying to fire me, yet I work harder than the *** ant kids there they hire. The ADA will hear about it if I get fired and I'll sue the bastards for ill treatment.

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Man ur at a ghetto *** petco our place is nice


The best way is to send a letter certified mail, return receipt. If you email a complaint it gets sent to Phillipines where it is sorted and err, discarded.

The site has Petco employees remove all the complaints, PSC gets the most bang for the buck !

Complaints by phone and email get passed down to so many people that it never gets to who it should.

Class Action employee suit anyone ???


lol yep it does! corporate don't care!


Sure sounds like the typical PetCo to me!