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Fourteen yrs of loyalty to Petco company, customers and animals and my store manager can't find anything else against me but I occasionally feed treats to the rats & mice because I feel sorry for them that they will probably be finger food for a snake within a week so I try to make their life a little happier when I am cleaning their cages. My manager had warned me before he didn't like this but I never knew I could be fired over it.

I have never seen anything in writing telling us not to do it, only encouraging us to give treats to the dogs. So how shocked was I to get fired for doing the same for another species? I have never had an issue with it in all the years and the different stores and managers I've had so I was hit upside the head when I was showed the 2 cheetos I gave the rat and told I was fired for it!! This just happened last week so I am still in shock.

My friends are writing complaints to corporate but I doubt it will change anything. And Petco says in its mission it wants to hire animal lovers & train them to be sales people rather than hiring sales people & hoping they like animal lovers. Now the fire a loyal employee for her heart of compassion toward the animals. All of the work I do on behalf of their customers and animals means nothing to them and do you think my DM would go to bat for me?

Petco is CYA all the way and it calls Petco's ethics into question when they encourage and condone narrow-minded and skewed behavior toward associates by their management team. You don't deserve good honest workers Petco!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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They are not your rats though, they are petco's. They are in charge of what the rats eat so you shouldn't be giving them treats that are considered junk food, even for humans.

The manager said don't do it.

If you wanted to give them something extra I would have asked him if it's ok at all and if so what is ok to feed them. I think you getting fired was an acceptable response.


Feeding a cheeto to a bunch of rats isn't going to give them diabetes or harm them... I sometimes take treats to the pet store with me to give them to the feeder rats, as well, though I usually bring things like carob chips, dried blueberries, home-dried cherry tomatoes, etc. It's ridiculous that you were fired for being kind to the feeder rats.

Fur baby mommy

After 14 years of service. You should have known not to feed a rat cheetos.

Common sense is a factor here.

Not to mention that you were already warned about it. I'm sorry, but this was justified!


Well, your manager did tell you not to do it so you should've respected that. I don't like Petco, I've had a few bad experiences myself.

14 years is a long time and I can see why you'd be upset about being fired but he was your boss and when your boss tells you not to do something you shouldn't do it.

I don't know much about rats so I can't say anything concerning the cheetos. I'm sorry you got fired after such a long time working for them.


the occasional cheeto will not harm the rats. I have had 3 and have one left.

Rats are scavengers. They will eat what is convenient. They will not eat anything they don't want to unless there is nothing else to eat. My rats have lived an average of 4 years, and get rat food as well as left overs from meals.

You should not have been fired. We as people have the occasional snack, and so should certain pets.


PetCo targets people and fires at will. Feeding cheetos to a rat is not something to be fired for.

Rest assured, after this employee being good for 14 years, some mgr had it in for her and targeted her. They are very intimidated and jealous of people that work well and take good care of the animals and customers. I have never seen a good employee kept at PetCo.

They are never nurtured, appreciated, or kept. What a horrible, rotten, dysfunctional corporation.


Petco is a horrible company to work for,it is companys like that is why are country is in the mess that it is in.They pay horrible wages they do not do background checks on there people so you get what you pay for they can not keep any good people.


Thank you Petco for firing this incompetent employee. You do not need idiots like that taking care of the animals. :upset


Well, I do admire your compassion, but Cheetos are not good for Rats. They are high in saturated fats, sugars and cholesterol.

Some of us buy rats for the rats. And those people are buying rats that may be more prone to contract diabetes from a high-fat, high sugar diet.

I agree that you shouldn't have been fired if the manager did not explain his reasoning, but in the future if you work for another company or own rats, please do not feed them Cheetos.