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Dec. 26 2012 I dropped my dog of to be groomed.

I gave the groomer details how my dog needed to be treated and even gave them her carrier so she would not be near other dogs or be put in a create.

Picked Girly Girl up @ 5:00 and dog was not in her carriier, but in a create and I thought this was strange since I had spent 10 min. talking to these crazies. I let it go untill 10 days later she started to cough and then it got very severe and hear ears were also inflamed. Ran her to the vet only to hear she had kennel cough and an ear infection.

This was the first time she ever went to Petco to be groomed and the last.

I made a complaint on deaf ears only to here the store manager called after a month to say Petco would not pay and my dog got kennel cough from walking her. What the !!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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Shame on you for trying to blame Petco for this. If a dog is clearly sick, Petco will turn the dog away so not to risk the health of all the other dogs.

That is not on Petco that a dog came in seemingly healthy, only to be incubating a virus.

How dare you try to fault innocent people for things that NOBODY can control.

That is YOUR pet and you took it some place that crates multiple dogs in the same room. YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your dog and its health.


You should've had your dog vaccinated for that. I don't see how you can blame them for it.


Um... :?

you should've had your dog vaccinated against that...even though it might not be completely effective...I don't see how you can blame them for that. I agree with Groomergr


well first of all , your dog is in a kennel with other dogs. Petco requires rabies vac be given and recommend that other be given as well, but they are not the law.

it is up to you to give your dog the bordetella shot. don't blame other people for your ignorance .


Our dog was at the petco last wk and has since starting coughing too. It has been going on for about 3 days and he has had the kennel cough vaccine.

So you are saying that the vaccine does not gaurantee against kennel cough? Then whats the point of getting it?

I plan to call petco tomorrow or better yet go speak to them personally. This is all very frustrating as a pet owner and I wont go there again if this is a norman accurance there


First off you can't spell. Second off you are calling someone crazies.

Third off shame on you for not properly vaccinating your animal. If you want a healthy dog, learn to be a responsible owner.

You just seem like another person looking for a lawsuit. There is a special place in *** for your kind.


How do you know that they gave your dog the cough? :?


Every dog should be vaccinated against Bortadella (kennel cough). Many groomers will not even accept your dog for an appointment without it having had this vaccination. It is not Petco's fault you failed to protect you pet.


All dogs that leave the house should be vaccinated for kennel cough. There is still no guarantee that it is 100% effective.

Many viruses are air borne and we can't tell when a dog is incubating a virus. There are no symptoms at that point. Whenever a dog is walked, meets another dog or is put in a kennel situation, there are risks.

Blaming the grooming shop is unrealistic. I despise Petco but blaming then is unfair.


Have you had your dog vaccinated against kennel cough? Our groomers highly recommended it and you can do it yourself.

They probably have the kit at Petco. For our dog it was under $20 and is just a bit of liquid that you squirt up their nose.

BTW, kennel cough is pretty much the Dog equivalent of a cold, so groomers and boarders can't do much about it. It can be prevented with the vaccination.