Kenner, Louisiana

Found this poor Gecko for sale at Petco:

I understand that some animals just don't make it, but why would anyone sell something in such poor condition? Leopard Gecko's store fat in their tails, and this little guy has literally no fat on his tail. His body is as thin as his bones. Regardless, the store employee explained that he was always "the runt," and eats well. I'm pretty much speechless.

On another note, not even the Bearded Dragons (some of the easiest lizards to care for) were in a properly set up enclosure. The humidity of the Bearded Dragon enclosure was in the 80% region, a frighteningly high level for an animals that hails from dry deserts.

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That's not surprising at all. As a former dept.

manager for Petco, I can tell you that is completely the norm. We would get shipments of geckos severely underweight (and sometimes deceased), and when I'd try to contact the vendor, my manager would stop me and tell me to just sell them.

You should see the animals in the back room. They make the gecko in your picture look good.