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I called Petco to set up a grooming appt. for my little dog who is all but blind, and the earliest they said they had was the following Tues.

at 1pm.(7 days)..I had even asked if they had a cancellation list as I wanted to get her in there sooner.The answer was "No". The following Tues came around and as I walk into the store the first thing I see is a big sign that says "Walk-Ins Welcome"..That was a little annoying. Anyway, I dropped Tilly off at 11am and was told that they would call me when she was done. I just wanted her to get a lions cut.

When I hadnt heard anything by 6:30pm I went to get her. The girl behind the counter couldnt find Tillys info at all and the only reason she knew wich dog was Tilly was because Tilly heard my voice and started barking like crazy..When she brought Tilly out from the back, she looked exactly the same as when I dropped her off. The girl then had the nerve to tell me that my balance due was $50.When I told her nothing had been done, she brushed it off by saying that the person I dropped her off to didnt save her info in the computer and her info must have deleted and then she nonchalantly tells me that it looked like he gave er a little precut and most likely forgot about her and left for the day..ended up forgetting about her. When I told her that I wasnt paying them a dime, she had to get the approval of her manager and then had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to bring her back the next day.

They forgot about my dog and kept her locked in a kennel for 7 or 8 hours. The poor dog was so thirsty and barely made it to the grass to peepee..The situation caused her so much stress that she couldnt see anything for 2 weeks.

Not to mention the guilt that I felt...NEVER AGAIN!!!! and BTW, to the manager who left me a message..You and Petco can go straight to *** because there is nothing that you can do or say to convince me to come back as a customer!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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Bad story for your lil dog. Horrible - I would never go to Petco. will pass this story around to my pet loving friends!!!


your story breaks my heart. God bless you for loving and caring for a blind dog. That's so cute thst she knew your voice/


At petco we have to keep the walk ins board up I can see how a groomer could forget about a dog the company puts so much pressure on their groomers to sell sell sell no matter how slow you are your not allowed to take less then 6 dogs a day not to mention doing all the walk in nail trims answering phone calls making apts puting dogs into their harder then it has to be slow computer system selling photos dog training classes the daily board you fill out making sure your selling add ons getting emails I mean what else do they want us to do hop on one foot while we do all this also.....and that was the short of it


Looool. Have you ever heard of periods or commas?

And there is no excuse for an employee forgetting about someone's live animal.


No amount of management pressure or slow computer system is enough.



so human baby child is put in a crib at 9 in the morning, but the day care sitter was busy with the other

kids and forgot about the baby, 8 hours later mom comes and picks up said baby, diaper not changed, had not been fed, WOULD you be OK with that???? Dogs are walking, breathing animals that also need to be fed and pottied.

Seriously you say you can see how a dog can be forgotten, good lord!!

thank gawd I do my own dogs. Places like YOUR place of employment is useless. You could care less about a little dog that is scared and blind and wondering why mom abandoned the dog, no YOU abandoned the dog. I would never go to your place of business and would post everywhere to boycott you and the company you work for.


And then to have the audacity to ask for money????? WOW

@petco disliker

sorry LIZ that was not meant for you:( I hit the wrong reply button:( Your posts was very good.


I'm very sorry you had such a terrible experience with Petco. :( It makes me sad that someone could so easily forget about your dog.

There is no excuse for them forgetting your dog. But please don't hold your bad experience against the company as a whole. My local Petco groomers are wonderful. They take great pride in their jobs, and would never allow such a thing to happen to someone's dog.

(All of my friends and family take their dogs there because we continue to recommend their exceptional work to each other.) In fact, if this would have happened at my local Petco, I can assure you, that groomer would have been demoted, if not fired.

What I don't understand is how they could not have the paperwork for your dog. It is supposed to be printed off before you leave the dog in their care because they need your initial and signature on it. I'm not defending the groomer in this experience, because it was horrible and your anger and hurt for your dog is justified, but I would like to point out that their "walk-ins welcome" sign is only for nail trims.

At least around my area that's all they take on a walk-in basis. (well, and the self bath.) Nor are they allowed to take the dogs out by law. It's a liability issue if something were to happen to the dogs if they are mingling with others, or something were to happen while letting them out to potty. (Of course, dogs are typically only kept there for 2-4 hours.

Not 8)

Again, your anger is totally justified.

I just think that, while this experience was horrible, I would have still spoken with the manager. More often than not, they truly do want to make the situation as right as they possibly can without the ability to turn back time.


The fault is not only with the groomer, but the manager and any supervisors between the groomer and manager. I would even say the manager is more at fault then the groomer, because they are supposed to be making sure everything is done right and should be constantly aware of what is ( or isn't ) going on in the store. The buck stops at the manager, not the groomer.


Unfortunately, it looks like "Jedi" and "Some Guy" are Petco employees. Shame on Petco and their ethically challenged employees for treating humans and little dogs so poorly.

People People People Do not take your dogs here to be groomed. You dog deserves better. Wanna see how much Petco cares about their customers, just try to order something off the Petco website.

The website does not work or even have any "add to cart" buttons! You have to call India to place an order!


I have taken my dogs in the past but have a new puppy with updated shots and rabies tag. Call make an appt.

tell the person he makes an appt. When I get there another girl says she needs her updated shot record with Vet letterhead and implies that we can take rabies tags off other dogs and put on the dog to be groomed, then goes on a rude tangent about how they can get in big trouble. I can handle alot of things but from a grooming clerk about a 4lb dog with her correct rabies tag on. Not today, So So Unproffesional and handled poorly.

Talk to a manager who really could care less. I have many dogs I take in there and this was not my first rodeo. Its a shame they wait for you to drive up there to inform you - rudely. But then again these places don't care if they lose a customer.

To them its like getting another person out of their hair. The best thing they have going for them is a checkout clerk named Randal.


Shame on you for taking a blind dog in to be groomed. secondly the walk in welcome sign is for nail trims and other ancillary services.


Jedi,,,Clearly you did not read my post properly. My dog is ALL BUT blind that means, NOT completely blind.

Stress causes her vision to worsen. I use this site for what it was created for and unlike some people, I have better things to do than to be on my computer posting untrue comments about multi-million dollar corporations..As far as your other comment about knowing the difference between a girl and a lady? What relevance does that have anything to do with my post? Not only did they NOT do what I asked them to do but they completely forgot about my dog and that in itself is a major incompetence!

Do yourself a favor and keep playing Star Wars because your irrelevant and baseless comments are going no where! :x


Also you indicated your dog was already blind then yu claimed this stress caused her to not be able to see for two weeks. Something is not truthful here.

@Jedi Knighte Ethan

If you read that correctly she said ALL but blind.


The last time I checked you have to be 16 to work. If you don't know the difference a girl and a lady most likely they did do something to your dog and you did not notice.


You know they NEVER let those dogs out to the bathroom,they cant they have no place to take them.management would never allow them to walk the in the parking lot...look around no place at all to go


Petco doesn't let them out bc it is unsafe. We could lose you pet.

They can hold it for 4 hours. Most people never let them out before bring them in.

Shame on you. Not Petco