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Took our Cocker spaniel to be groomed at Petco in Mid Rivers Missouri. Ticket said 11 bucks for the shave and 40 for the cocker cut and brush.

WHAT BRUSH. The dog was shaved down to the skin on her entire body. They obviously had no clue as to what a cocker cut was. Her legs were shaved down to the skin also.

She resembled a hound dog not a cocker spaniel any more. They didn't even bother to call me to tell me. They first charge you the money..THEN BRING your dog out. I have cried all week end knowing I have to deal with this until the hair now grows out to some amount of normal.

If you love your pet please stay clear of this place. They are non professional and I am wondering if they even had a license to do something this grotesque.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $51.

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Yesterday we took our dog to Petco grroming. We had him for just over a month and he is a 4 month old puppy.

He is so lovable and we love him and so does all our friends and neighbors as he is very friendly. After we brought him back from petco grooming yesterday (2.5 hrs later and a very bad hair cut) he is really afraid of people. He was so scared of some chidren with whom he palyed fine till yesterday and ran away. When our neibours come near him he started running away and he was so scared he was peeing while he was running away.

What the *** they did to our friendly puppy? When he went in he was all happy and playing with the lady who took him in. He is not the same now. I am really worried if he will be normal again.

Thankfully, he is not afraid of us but has become lot more timid and he keeps curling up in a corner. We hope and pray that he becomes normal and not afraid of people again.


You took a puppy that has never been groomed to the groomers.... What did you expect. Grooming is not fun for dogs they have to learn to be groomed!


email me privately


I have worked at a petco for 4 years and love it. I once wish a client would do my job for one day and then let them *** about there dog being there for 4 hours!!!

And if we were not good at grooming we would not have the wait time for appointments that my store does!!

But it is fun to read these complaints. Makes me laugh cause you think IF u tell us ur not coming back like It's going to hurt our business!

@dog groomer




You better watch yourself. You aren't suppose to be giving out corporate information.

They could sue you! I hope you're not using your real name or else they'll probably have a pretty easy time finding out who you are.


@Unhappy Customer

$41 is about the starting price for a basic large bath at most Petcos. Or you had additional services (nail buffing, teeth, ect.) That can raise your ticket as well.

And 3-4 hrs is a generous time in the grooming world, trust me. Did you ever stop to think that your dog was in the back drying while the groomer was finishing a groom dog? Grooming isn't like a human hair salon where you sit and you're done straight through. If you want that, it's called a zoom groom and it's $10 extra.

Most petco salons open at 7 or 8am, not 9. So that's roughly 2 hrs of dogs that came in before yours. They should've pushed to have her out in the 4hr mark that they estimated but if a groomer gets behind because a groom dog before yours is difficult then they should've put that dog up to finish yours in a timely manner.

That's just bad time management on that groomers part. Sorry you had a bad experience but try to remember that each petco is different just like any other store.


Just got back from Petco in San Antonio off Bandera. Left my dog at 9:00 and went at 1:00 to get the status as I had heard nothing...she had only been bathed at that point.

I was the second person to check my dog in that morning and many dogs were being taken care before mine. They said it would take between 3-4 hours when I dropped her off (which I though was long) but insisted that they told me 6 hours.

Decided not to leave her any longer so it cost me $41.00 for JUST A BATH!!!! NEVER TAKE YOUR DOG TO PETCO for grooming!!!

@Unhappy Customer

What would something that cost 41$ be quick?


I need to know what can be done to file a complaint on petco groomers on sunnyside rd in clackamas Or. I took my 1 and 1/2 yr old Shiba inu to get groomed today when I came to pick her up the groomer Heather said they were sorry and that they used a brush too hard on her coat and said alot of hair was coming off.

She then showed me her skin and it was RAW red. I freaked out on them and screamed, they said the groom was free but my poor girls hair undercoat has been removed to thin hair. Her skin is really hot/warm and now she has been non active all day. In the past they told me she was a drama queen when she has been there.

I was wondering why when I came there she bolted away from the groomers and came out from under her collar.

 My poor dog has been licking her spots the last 3 hours where the hair was what I would say been shaffed.



after grooming for 28 years for independent and pet dummy and petpoo i'm so glad tell tell both to fuq off cop.suks sheet.greedy aint the work i fuqed them hard with costumer loyelty up there corn hole.can't fuq with free will fuq u steve e-mail or or or ceo at givem sheeeeet love terror


after grooming for 28 years for independent and pet dummy and petpoo i'm so glad tell tell both to fuq off cop.suks sheet.greedy aint the work i fuqed them hard with costumer loyelty up there corn hole.can't fuq with free will fuq u steve e-mail or or or ceo at givem sheeeeet love terror


Live & Learn. I am getting my money back, though.

My husband took our Coton in for grooming. He asked to have about an inch cut from his 4/5, all over, like a puppy cut, but longer. Well, they left an inch! Also, shaved him right down the middle of his nose.

Never to be done with this type dog! His bottom was completely shaved. His pads on his feet were poorly done. He looked horrible.

I complained. Was told all dogs get their noses shaved, unless asked, as well as the entire area under his tail! I kid you not, there was nothing left back there! He was naked!

Again, told this was standard. They are not show dog groomers, I was also told. Really? However, if you are a groomer, shouldn't you have an idea what kind of cut is for certain breeds?

Well be informed, make sure you are aware that they do a standard cut for all dogs.

That is unless you specify, no nose shaving, shave only around the anus and have then write how much hair to cut. I personally wont take my dog back there.


Also know of a Petco, close to the one I work at. The grooming salon (in the bathing area) is full of Black Mold.

It is just getting worse and they won't do anything to fix it b/c its to expensive. Meanwhile, the GROOMERS & THE DOGS and inhaling that toxic ***! It can cause cancer and all kinds of deadly things. There's a lawsuit waiting to happen there!

I know tons of dirty secrets about other stores too!

Its just sad! I don't know how their in business..


I am a current groomer at Petco and I rock at grooming! I make all my dogs look so cute!

I HATE Petco tho because I know how they do business. Its greedy and so uncaring to their employees and customers. I recently had a grooming accident with a dog, but it wasn't my falt or the dogs. They were supplying me with a table that was duct taped together.It came apart while I was grooming a very big dog.

The table tipped on its side with the dog ontop and hit me in the thigh, where I now have a huge bruise. I had been bugging them to fix the table for about a month before. All their worried about, is how much it will cost.

Luckly the dog was okay and so am I. I am holding them responsible for THAT accident


I took my Shih Tzu (Izzy) into a Boise store. She was a rescue dog and needed attention to the hind quarter are.

Her gorgeous body hair had already been groomed, but need trimming. When I picked her up, she had been body shaved. I had specifically left instructions, including that I did not want her buzz cut. She also walked with a gimp with the back right leg as if she had been forced into a position.

I have cried for two days. Izzy has been depressed since the incident.


the extra 11.00 is for a matting fee. the groomer HAD to shave it down instead of tourchering the dog and brushing it out.its hair itll grow back good greif.,


I have fifteen years experience grooming, i only work at petco because of benefits small shops cant provide..however the greed has become a time a customer asks why there is an extra charge im gonna explain our extra services need to be at %30 and you have a cHarge because i need to keep my job and keep the tie wearing guys happy. The safety and policy was obviously wriiten by a non groomer..the velcro restraints are a joke ive seen more dogs jump off and land on their head becasue of them...but hey its policy and i was told maybe petco isnt for you...thats nice..maybe not.

Not to mention we have no space and none of the supplies we need because the store budget doesnt allow....What the *** is it getting spent on? not broken tubs, dryers or an addition to our salon, *** not even the toothbrushes were supposed to be using..remember the ones we charged you eleven dollars for?

THis place is moving in the wrong direction. Not listening to employees and being flexible is going to bring this corp down, i understand making money but at what cost?


You must be reading your prices wrong because it's $40 to cut the hair on the dog and groomer does the cut that you request unless you're a neglectful animal parent and leave to dog to be matted up in which case the poor thing would have to be shaved and the $11 should usually be toothbrushing. i'm currently working for a petco and i know my prices up and down and know that what you request or what you do to your dog that needs to be fixed they will do


I am a salon manager for petco and i would much rather take my dogs to a corporate place than a private groomer where u dont know what they do to the pets pugs r the worst to trim nails looking in the window looks like the groomer might be doing something wrong but they arent u try to deal with a dog allover the table ....