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WARNING! Do not take your pets to PetCo in Harker Heights for grooming services. I took my great pyreness mix there to get groomed. Those of you who are familiar with the breed, know they have very long (6-8 inch) curly hair.

He used to love to be brushed, but after this encounter with the head groomer if you approach him with a brush or even brush your own hair in his presence, he tries to ***. Not a simple nip, to draw blood. While on a visit to PetCo after the incident with the groomer, to buy other products there, the head groomer walked toward him and he tried to *** her, and he doesn't ***, he likes everyone.

Now in order to have him groomed for about $70.00 is is costing me $176.00 because he has to be sedated. There lies another problem, because he could die from sedation.

During the short time he is sedated he has to be shaved, because it is nearly impossible to try to brush him out in a short hour. The loss of hair on his body aslo requires us to put sunblock on him and not let him out during the day cause he could go blind.

Of course he no longer goes to PetCo and it would be wise for others not to use them either, god only knows what type of abuse your animals are going through. We believe she hit him with the brush.

Three of my friends who have used PetCo have had similar experiences with their animals and no longer use PetCo. The manager said he refuses to fire her because he has got no other complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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I am a lifelong dog handler. Groomer and kay know as much about dogs as i know about rocket science.

Petcos groomer abused your dog. Invest in a collar cam.


If those pics are your great pyrenese, sorry you have a mutt its mixed and dogs don't learn to *** with such brutal aggression overnight. It's taught over his life.


I don't understand how this is animal abuse. Did you witness your dogs being beaten?

It sounds to me like the groomer did the RIGHT thing by shaving the dog instead of dematting it.. which can be very painful to the dog.


This comment is to those of you who think my dog was not cared for prior to his visit. He was brushed daily and no he never bit.

He loved being brushed, this is the point I am trying to make. He was not matted on that occassion, but since this incident he has became severely matted because I cannot brush him either. Ute (the groomer), it seems, has several scars all over her arms. What would you think?

The manager says she is agressive, this is why she gets bit. I used to bathe dogs at a groomers (and cats as well), guess what, I never got bit. Those who man-handle your pets will get bit, because they are trying to take control by bullying the animal. That is what this all about, bullying by the groomer to get results.

Well, the result is a animal that cannot be touched or groomed any longer without the assistance of a veterinarian and medication to put them to sleep. Come on people wake up, this is a clear case of animal cruelty and abuse.


If it was true that the dog could not be groomed in the alloted time for that amount of money, then the responsible, humane thing for the groomer to do was to tell the owners that, and refuse the job instead of going ahead and hurting and traumatizing the poor dog!


petsmart is the same, i have heared the same from people on petsmart, you get that everywhere,if your dog is matted and they get brushed and the hair gets pulled they can *** cause it hurts, you have to brush them and then go back over with a comb, great p, gets matted easy,they are set in there ways, i had one and he would be fine to groom and i groomed him and one day he got mad and tried to *** me and he was like that from then on, they are diggers, they get out of the yard, they roam, they are very stubborn, when there mind is made up you cant make them do what you want them to do, they use them in kosovo for drug dogs.


Sadly, I'm afraid that I have to support the groomer as although we don't want to think one of our pets can become a biter, it can happen over an insignificant event to us. Your dog probably was matted and probably did have quite tender skin as a result.

A great pyrenese has a very dense undercoat and has to be brushed regularly to keep it from forming a feltlike mat under the longer hair. Rather than attempt to brush out a coat that has become matted, the coat should have been scissor split and then carefully removed with clippers. It's too bad that your dog became traumatized by possible neglect and a groomer that did not take the time to carefully help your pet. She may not have in any way been mean to your dog other than to keep brushing after the animals skin became sore.

If the dog was not accustomed to a stranger brushing him from an age of 6 weeks on, you can't blame her for his reaction. Especially as I can tell you that having been a groomer in my distant past-30 years ago, it would have been at least a two day job at a cost of at least $200.00 back then if I were presented with a Grt Pyr.

that had not been brushed out in more than 6 weeks. While he or she could be cut down to a puppy cut in 1 day, a brush out would have taken at least 2 with breaks for the dog as it isn't fair to expect them to tolerate brushing for that many hours.


Biting like that is not an overnight habit. Most Dogs react this way do to poor habits in keeping the animal groomed in the first place.

I would bet you probably neglected his care and upon the first time getting groomed tramatized the poor animal. He is your dog, so the price of his care is your issue.