Annapolis, Maryland
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We recently took our corgi in for a routine bath and grooming. I was told the charge would be around $25.00; the young lady then told me that was a mistake and that the charge would be $44.00.

I told her I only paid $28 a couple of months ago and that included a trim which we were not getting at this time. She told me that that price was for customers who come in very infrequently, but those who come in on a regular basis are charged the $44.00.

In other words Petco's loyal customers are charged a higher rate then those who come in once in a while. Petco - you have lost a loyal customer.

Liz - Annapolis, MD

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I just wanted to take my dogs in to get their nail trimmed and ground down and can't get a price anywhere!?!? That is a basic service wouldn't it be a set price?



WE have been taking our dogs to petco for 10yrs for their grooming needs, however will not be going back ever! Don't mind paying a reasonable price, but the prices went up and was charged $11.00 each for scissors and another $6.00 for combing them out plus $44/per dog for the basic bath and cut. The groomer was talking mean to my dog when I went in to pick up,plus done a poor job....worst ever....We were very clear to her as what we wanted done...My dogs will be going elsewhere:( Can't afford those prices and then get bad cuts /care.


Wow.. Went to Petco for the 1st and last time for grooming.

I brought my two Cocker spaniel pups for a quick bath and shave. No special cutting for the breed just shaved down for the summer.

When I came to pick them up I was handed a $126.00 bill plus tax! With tip over $80 per dog!


I just had a mutt (half westie) groomed at Petco. It was $59.

I will never go there again. We just asked for the basic trim. I couldn't get in at my regular place and the price I ended up with at Petco was way more than what I was quoted on the phone. We usually pay closer to $30 for a westie cut.

Petco is just a rip off all the way around. I pay way less for high quality dog food at the farmers coop. Dog toys, collars, and other items like that can be had for much less at Walmart or other stores. There is really no reason for me to ever step foot in that store again.

I'll definitely never use their groomers again.

Fifty nine bucks for a mutt? That's insane.


You're an ***. That's the right price


I normally wash my boxer outside in summer and then have to take him somewhere for the rest of the year. At Petco it was $33 for shampoo, nail trim, ear cleaning.

Prices are different for each breed. I am sure it'd be around $15 more if your dog needs a trim. Some places in town quoted me much higher.

I am happy with the service. Customer service probably depends on the employees at a specific store.


i recently bought a shih tzu puppie and im thinking of taking him for his first puppy cut, where would you recommend me taking him to petco or petsmart?


Ha! It's the old "book a bath"!!!

What a crock that is! Calling customers that haven't been in for awhile and offering them a $20 bath, nails and ears.

I refused to do that. If they don't want to come back, so be it but I am never working for pennies.


Petco Customers,

Before leaving you dog at the salon, you will sign a service order. This paper quotes a price range that you are responsible for upon the completion of the service on the order.


I work at a PETCO grooming salon in PA and what they did to you was wrong! Prices for service based on breed vary from location to location due to the area the different stores are in, but since this was your normal salon and you were a regular, I don't understand why'd they do such a thing!

A corgi bath is around $26 at our salon and that's just the basic brush/bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning...anything else is extra.

The price should've remained the same. I never heard about such a policy!


Hi I work for the new Mexico PETCO and I used to be in the salon now I'm on the floor. Can u guys tell me if at ur store do u charge the grroom fee plus a scissoring fee?

And this is what they're doing on all dogs. Even labs that get shave Downs.

We never used to charge like that before and I'm just wondering if their cheating the customers or not? Thank u


I too use to work for petco. alot of the higher cost is due to the petco corp.

they push us to get extra services.which is a bummer because alot of people these days are on fixed incomes.

its the money hungry groomers that over charge, i know I worked with them.I had alot of people that came to me because I didnt shove extra services they didnt need. good luck


Most likely what happened was some other employee was undercharging you, which is dishonest and is considered stealing from the company. That employee was probably fired and this other poor girl was left to deal with the disastrous results and customer complaints in the dishonest person's wake.

You never should have been charged $25 for a bath for a corgi because of it's double coat. You most definitely never should have been charged $28 for a haircut! The overhead costs on grooming are much too high for the company to turn on profit on such low prices, and it is impossible for groomers to earn a living at such low commission.

Sounds to me like you are lobbying a complaint against an honest person who is stuck trying to fix a broken salon because of someone else stealing from the company.

Furthermore, god forbid that girl should think she deserves to make more than a few bucks an hour to do specialty labor that she both had to go to school for and make a substantial investment in to be able to do.

steven sense

Another uninformed complaint. Attn Gabby2, many businesses offer introductory prices to showcase their work to you and attempt to get your business.

May I ask why is your name is Gabby2 and Liz also?

I believe what happened is more like you told them you were a new customer to get the discount then when your information was on file you were caught and told of the higher price.


25$ is extremely low. I just bathed a corgi a few days ago and the cost was 44$ in Arizona.


I'm a groomer in AZ, grooming rates are based on weight, species and breed, for example a Spitz dog is a snow dog a chow, husky or pom, these breeds and poodles cost significantly more to groom than standard breeds because they take longer to groom and longer to dry. Every dog will not have the same grooming rate because a standard dog may be extremely matted or has rolled in a sticky substance that can damage equipment.

We do give our clents discounts and seasonal specials, but the problem with that is aclient will say they paid $20 in December for a winter special and then summer comes and the winter special is no longer available and they now want to find a different company. This is why people should keep their invoices from grooming the invoice should list the standand rate along with the seasonal discounted rate that way there is no confusion.


$28 for a Corgi is exceptionally low. At the massachusetts petco I work at it's $45 as well.