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I am a groomer at a petco...

I have been there for almost a year and honestly LOVE my job and my clients....

BUT...the company on the other hand is an absolute JOKE...about 3 months ago we had a girl come in completely unexperienced...a couple months into her working there all *** pretty much broke loose....I was told by her that she was "Going to skin my dogs" and other things... My GM did absolutely nothing about this and every other manager in the store got pissed off when I complained about it...well problems continued and she wanted one of my clients whom was STRICTLY mine and knew that and knew they wouldn't go to anyone else so out of jealousy almost got me fired by making up false statements which my GM then proceeded to blame on another employee...Once I called him out on his lies he litterally got so tounge tied he couldn't speak!! The GM now made the girl his "designated rat" and is trying to make her our GSM (grooming salon manager) which requires 5 years grooming and management experience....none of which she has...and today was my last straw...they can deny it all they want but today...I was sent home from work because she was unhappy that I was there! This can be accounted for by numerous other employees.

Needless to say to this day nothing was done about all the threats this girl made to me....Nothing will ever be done because petco is a BIG FAT JOKE!

All they do is reward her and toss the actual good employees out like garbage.

So would you like your dog to be groomed by someone who threatened to skin my dogs?!?!?!

Oh and there animal care....Thats a complete joke to...they dont care about anything but $$$ I can even count how many animals I've seen die there the past almost year I have been there...and they are just discarded like nothing!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That's how Petco works. I worked in grooming to.

I no longer do because I refused to be their robot. Get you customers info now because you days are numbered. They will find a reason to fire you.

I always said I wish the show undercover boss would come to Petco. No one would ever shop there again


They already did! The day after! N then proceed to fire 3 others.


We appreciate you for reaching out to us.

Petco associates with concerns about the management of their store or a Human Resources policy may contact their Regional Human Resources Manager or contact the Petco Hotline at 1-888-736-9834. The hotline is managed by an outside company and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All hotline calls are confidential and associates are not required to give their name.


Oh and Petco always says this but does nothing. I complained about harassment more then once.

One time the Gsm screamed about my daughters personal medical condition infront of other employees and customers.

I got written up for saying something to her. The GM and Gsm are best friend they celebrate holidays together and so on so she can do no wrong.