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I recently took my puppy to Petco for a full service bath which I was told included a 15 minute brush, bath, dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and some sort of funky little bandanna. Well I got the cute little bandanna but I'm pretty sure that is one of the most expensive bandannas I have ever paid for because let's face it, that's pretty much all they did.

They scared the *** out of my dog by doing Lord knows what to him. His nails definitely weren't trimmed but rather, split from "climbing up the wall" as they told me. When I brought him home he wouldn't let me get near his feet and I can see places where his skin is beet red.

His ears don't look like they have even been touched (which I'm almost thinking is a good thing considering his feet).

Not only am I unhappy with Petco's grooming "service" but my puppy is a sad little camper.

It's possible that I just happened upon a bad salon but let me just say if you are in Anchorage I recommend taking your doggy elsewhere. This was not a pleasant experience for either one of us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Took my golden Charlie to get a bath 2 months ago at the Granada Hills location, showed them his vaccination records, they gave him a bath and everything went fine. I had an appointment today , drove all the way out there (more than 15 miles from my home) for them to tell me that they couldnt groom him because his vaccinations needed "stickers " and i needed every receipt from his prior shots (who keeps every receipt from the vet?) I told them I had been there two months ago and they accepted his vaccination record and she said it must have just been a nail clipping -____- .

I guess i paid $60 to get his nails clipped and was never told. Never go here, they are ***


Run take your dog anywhere but Petco. My dog is used to being groomed, brushed daily, teeth cleaned.

Don't you dare put this off on the dog or the customer. Petco sucks, has unskilled labor, refuses to do as asked. Takes matters into their own hands. I'm just praying I can find a groomer closer to me than 1 hour away.

If needed I'll go two.

Never again under any circumstances will I bring my dog to them again. :(


I brought my dog to Petco for grooming. We have been there before but the quality of service depends on who is working that day.

I brought my dog in for a grooming and said you don't have to trim his body but clean up his face so he can see and give him a sanitary cut. I noticed once we were in the car the fur was never touched on his snout or around his eyes or mouth. the hair is in his mouth and is blocking his eyes.

Also he still has a little *** stuck in the fur around his behind, the same amount tht was there when I brought him.. How do I know that a groomer is on premises and not just helpers?


puppies are usually very frightened from the entering the salon, through the entire grooming process, until the owner arrive. It is a whole new experience for pups and they are bombarded with so many new smells from just entering the salon to begin with.

Of course your pup might have been a little freaked out. :roll

Puppies are the hardest to groom and take much more time and patience. It is true about the nails by the way. If the quicks (veins) are too long then they cannot be cut!

Dogs always scratch at thier cages or the tubs or even dig at the ground from the inside of thier cages.

That is probably why they might have split. You can always learn to groom your dog yourself...


I have worked as a Petco groomer for 2 years. Puppies are the hardest dogs to do because they have never had to deal with what we do to them.

I see dogs of all ages "climbing walls", scratching franticly at the cage doors making themselves bleed. It's a stressful situation for the poor little guys and girls but groomers are not to be blamed for this. The issue of the nails, the groomer might not have been able to cut the nails because the nails weren't long enough. Dog's have veins in their nails and if they are clipped, they will bleed and it could be painful for the dog.

The red skin is most likely brush burn.

Either the dog had some matts or if it was a short hair dog, the groomer brushed it for too long.

I suggest dealing with the puppy yourself rather than automatically assuming the groomers are to blame.


i agree puppies are the worse/hardest to groom. :( you should try it sometime @!!!!


:zzz :cry :( :x :? :) :roll :eek :grin ;) :upset 8) :p :sigh


It was your dogs first time to the groomer. Of course its going to freak out.