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I have been a customer of Petco for many years. NOT at this particular location.

Hanover,MA has to be the worst location ever.

The Hanover groomers are not warm and friendly. They overbook, and crate your dogs for hours. They have many incidental charges that you should be aware of. So always ask first if you choose to groom here.

The groomers are not well trained at this location. I have had my dogs groomed there 3 or 4 times. They could not follow simple grooming instructions. Every time I went to pick up the dogs, the dogs were not groomed correctly. My specifications were clear and articulate. The last time was my final visit. My elder dog was cut. I speculate this time it was intentional. Some sort of retribution. I called and complained. Called Corporate(phone center in Philippines.. so good luck with that)

The did not take accountability, nor seemed concerned.

Every indication at this location leads me to believe that they abuse animals.

Management is poor.

Please do not have your dogs groomed here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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