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I went into the E. Virginia Beach, VA to purchase some outfits for my 3 dogs. I found a clearance rack marked 75% off. The sign was balanced between the center of the 4 way rack and you were unable to read any writing below the 75% due to the fact it was covered. There weren't very many outfits on it but found 3. I also found other things in the store. I went to the checkout and they had a dog trainer ringing the register which was new on it. One outfit ring the correct price and the other 2 did not. She stated oh these are 75% off too but I am not sure how to fix it, let me ask someone. Another employee came and told her she would have to have the manager to do it. At this point, I was waiting 10 minutes. The manager comes to the register and the cashier informed her of the problem. She never even looks at me and states oh those aren't listed on the sign and walks away in the direction of the rack. The cashier says oh she is going to check on it. She passes the rack without stopping and heads to the back of the store. I and the cashier stood there for 5 minutes. The cashier states she doesn't know what happens and calls the manager back. As the manager approaches she said "What is the problem?" with all I can say is a snotty voice and a bob of the head. The cashier says what did you find out. "About WHAT" store manager says. "The outfits?" cashier responds. "I SAID they aren't listed on the sign!!" The cashier starts to point at the rack "But they are all on that rack." " I said they aren't LISTED!!" The manager finally turns to me and said "DO YOU WANT THESE OR NOT, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?" I have to say I fell back on my heals and with wide shocked eyes said "Yes, but I would like them for the 75% off, you can't see what is written on the sign. It's covered." The manager with a bob of the head and a flip of her voice "I am NOT doing it" At this point, I believe I was done. I asked her for her for the manager she said she was the manager. I asked her for her district manager's information. She informed me that they don't give out the district manager's name or number and does not give out the corporate headquarters number. After asking her 5x she finally said they had a customer care line I could make a complaint on. I asked for it. She went in the back, came back out with a business card and throw. Let me restate that THROW it on the corner in front of me and said "GOOD LUCK".

Now at this point, while in the store, I called the number. It clearly is a India Call Center. No one could speak English well. The man was trying to be nice, but informed me he didn't have any numbers but the store number and I could call and make a complaint to the same store manager I just dealt with or he could leave a message with the direct manager and it would take 48 hrs before he could get back to me. He couldn't give out the corporate headquarters number or give me the name of whom would be calling me. I even ask for his boss. She was nice but same story. I ask if she could just call him and tell him to call me. They had no phone numbers they just send emails.

This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I shop Petsmart all the time because of their service. I have had complaints about small stuff and it is always resolved or an apology. I spend about 500 a month on food and supplies for my 6 animals. I thought I would give Petco a try. NEVER AGAIN. I will stay with Petsmart.

Shoppers BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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you get what you pay for, what I mean by that is this company pays horrible wages,They have no background checks on there employess,they well hire anyone they could care a less about people or pets :(


Actually I have had bad experience at Petco. Theres a lot of *** rude ppl in retail.

Some tired of their jobs and dealing with *** customers.

The best thing you should have done is got out your camera phone and filmed it. Then put it on youtube and I guarantee you someone from Petco will be calling you back lol.


That's not petco's fault..that manager was just a ***..she could had easily given you the number..she just didn't want can't blame petco because of one person.


agreed :( Horrible place