Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I went into PETCO and asked where is the Science Diet The girl who is the skinny one there with the long hair told me SHE HATES SCIENCE DIET AND TOLD ME TO BUY ONLY BLUE! SHE wont take me to the Science diet but took me to the BLUE SECTION and said here you have a choice.

After looking at the labels and seeing Deer being killed for dog meat as well as buffalo I became desperately ill at the labels. nothing in that diet was all natural I found the Science diet on my own. I am wondering why they would send me to another food I didn't ask for. I met the vendor from Science diet a real nice lady who said That has happened before.

But said lets move on Your pet is important. I picked a new age product for my puppy and I was happy until I reached check out.

The same one who directed me to Blue gave me the cold shoulder and grabbed the coupon the Science Diet lady gave me and rung me up saying you will be sorry. I am sorry for even shopping there already.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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1. Blue buffalo does not carry buffalo or deer protein based diets

2 Don't blame someone else for your ignorance, the chicken sourced for Science Diet is more likely to be from mass-producing farms that don't take the quality of the animal into consideration, since you're so conscientious of animal welfare.

3. Science Diet products, as well as Purina use BHA which is a preservative with addictive properties.

4. While the petco partner should not have blatantly denied your request for the food you were looking for, you should really compare one of the top brand foods (Merrick, Natural Balance, Canidae) to that corn based product you are giving your poor dog.


If you didn't like Blue Buffalo food, I don't see why you like Science Diet. There are a lot of people out there that do like the food, that is why there is variety.

When you buy dog food, you are supposed to look at the first 5 ingredients. You don't want any type of corn, soy, wheat or by-products.

The main ingredient in Science Diet is corn. and no, there is no buffalo in Blue Buffalo dog or cat food, that is just a name.


Forgot to add that when you put corn in dog food, that is just a filler and doesn't do anything for the nutrition part. It just passes through the system.


Hilarious...this never happened. Next time you make up a lie about a company check your facts.

Blue has no existing dog food with deer or buffalo meat.

Since you lied about the label reading I'm guessing the rest is also fiction too. :grin


Deer and buffalo are better for animals (and people) than beef. Take a look at your Science Diet bag and let me know if Beef or chicken or lamb are in the top three ingredients.

I doubt it.

It's your decision if you want to feed your pet *** and the employee was not very professional ... but I agree with her.


Yeah I know right? All dog are really Vegans. How dare they assume dogs are meat eaters!