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A couple weeks ago, i went to buy a leopard gecko, then whenever we had asked for help, all of the reptile sales associates came to us. Talking rather rudely towards my mother and I.

Telling us that we could put our leopard gecko in sand, yet PETCO had them in sand. They told us that we needed a wet hide for their shed time, which they did not, along with a gecko shedding. They told us that we needed to feed them live food, they had dead worms in their bowls. Also we had been told by the rude sales associates that the leopard geckos need water at all times.

The poor pets had the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything that was being said. You are not supposed to put more than one leopard gecko in a tank, they had about 8 geckos in a 1 foot by 1 foot tank. Needless to say i will never be buying anything from PETCO ever again.

People need to be aware of the neglect, and rudeness of all PETCOS I've been to.

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From what is sounds like, this employee was well aware that the geckos weren't taken care of properly, and was knowledgeable on proper care of leopard geckos.

Just reading the above link, you can see that they DO in fact need a wet hide so they have a moist area when they shed, that the calcium reptile sand that petco has them in isn't the best for them, and that live food is best. As for water, the above link says they should have it available at least a few times a week, and this link says they should have clean fresh water available at all times.http://www.leopardgecko.co.uk/documents/caresheet/food.htm Personally, I'd have water available at all times, as what is the harm?

I definitely agree that PETCO neglects their animals, but don't agree with your ideas on leopard gecko care.


My only comment on this is that a store will almost always house animals together before they are sold, being that they are young and will usually tolerate more than one in a tank. How can you expect them to keep one animal per tank? There would be no room for anything else.


so uh...feel free to respond dude.


ah dang it. I used the wrong 'their'.


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It's a bit unfair to blame the company because most of your issues are the fault of the people working in that store. The reason they'll tell you things that they themselves aren't doing is because they're a store and they're selling those animals.

The animals don't live their for years. You aren't a business. The animals in the store are living in a pet store and that's a stressful environment for them, and the workers (if they're good at what they do) should be doing all they can to help alleviate that stress. But they are a business and to set up a complete habitat for every single animal would be ridiculously time consuming and would only make whatever problems exist even worse.

It sounds like the people working in that store are idiots who have no idea what they're talking about and you have every right to call Corporate to complain about it. Petcos have managers who don't work in the store and are above the managers in the store. There's at least one manager who deals ONLY with animals and another one or two who deal with everyone else. The animal manager will launch an immediate investigation into whatever you complain about as far as the way the store itself is treating the animals.

I'm doing this anonymously because I work in a Petco and don't feel like getting fired. I'm sorry the *** in that particular store treated you that way. There's no excuse for that. Just remember my first point about the way we keep our animals vs.

the way we instruct you to. The animals are in the store temporarily before a good person like yourself, who respects them buys them and the advice we give you is to ensure that YOU have the sufficient knowledge to treat the animals well so you can give them a good life.

If you don't trust things they say, research it yourself. Never get all your info from one source and don't accept at face value what anyone tells you.