Greensboro, North Carolina

This is to inform the public that if you ever file a complaint against PETCO in Kernersville, NC, they will retaliate by placing a notation in their computer " No Service" for your pet. This is the way the incompetent and juvenile staff deals with customer complaints at this store.

Not only do they retaliate, Mr. Gary Cheney, the general manager, a "graduate" from University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (wonder what degree),called my residence and taunted me by using words and making unfounded accusations. Fortuitously , I recorded his message.Never call back because he will claim that you are harassing the store personnel, this is his tactic. He wants you to get upset and claim that you are harassing him.

Simply record the message and send it to his superior and the local phone company to establish a complaint.They also abuse the use of the Kernersville Police Department by calling them because they are inept in handling complaints.Do not leave the store if they call the police, this is another tactic, PETCO incompetent personnel can claim anything they want after you leave the store. Make sure that you contact the Chief of Police and complaint about this abuse. The Police Department has more important issues to deal with and should not be used as a personal "body guard" for a store manager who does not want to be investigated for "poor management." Make sure that you are looking at the camera, and request a copy of the video. I can assure you that the tape will either be erased or Gary Cheyne will claim that the equipment malfunctioned.

Ask PETCO headquarters to look at his previous record at Sam's Club. The Complaint phone number is 888-824-7257.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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Listen...ive never had a bad experience here. If police got involved.

You must have endangered someone get over yourselves and how bout you show some respect. If you think this work is easy...try wouldnt last a week.

The world doesnt revolve around you. Get over your selves!!!


I have encountered this very disrespectful experience as well. I take care of a gentlemen that has a disability that requires him to have a service dog with him at all times.

HE went to the store today and the manger named JEFF said some very disrespectful things to him about his dog and it caused him to get up set some much that he was crying because it really hurt his feelings because of the way this guy talked to him. When my friend ask for the Corporate Offices number, the manger JEFF told him that he was the store manger and that he wasn't given him the number because he didn't care about his concerns or complaints, he also said that they didn't care what he had to say it was not really a concern and JEFF told him not to ever come back to the store with his dog again. I wanted to write this message because someone really needs to get this fixed. Looks to me like this store needs some training on the right way to treat customers and to give others the respect that all individuals deserve.

I would like to see if I told FOX 8 News about the behavior of the manger and the corporate office acting toward people the way they do if some one would take the time to correct these complaints instead of putting them on the NO SERVICE LIST. Thanks a concerned customer speaking for all of those who are afraid to speak up for the rights they deserve and that is RESPECT for the individuals and their fellow pets.


Contact local law enforcement Elder Abuse. Totally disgusting and illegal.


This was not a service dog. This was a dog with a vest that was simpy purchased and the dog was out of control. It was a simple concern of safety.


funny, as there is no way to put "no service" on the computer...


hey, this is very very true and not only happening in YOUR


this is now the new Mode of Operations with many juvenille

and incompetent offices and business in our US..

Car rentals and Cell phone carrioer are doing this.

worst offenders: Hertz, Enterprise, Budget, Avis and

Sprint Phones.

watch out before you use these offenders..they love to treat

complaints the SAME way..

this is really a professional outrage..

Good luck...never trust anyone on a complaint --best to take

it to claims court..and get a good lawyer..

the other places are a total nitemare to deal with and

completely unprofessional.

this is happening all over US business..

May 29, 2013