Miami, Florida

Unbelievable story. Our beloved 18 month old pure bred Australian Sheppard was brought into Petco for grooming by my wife.

When my wife went to pick up our dog, her eye looked was red and swollen. By the time she got home, the eye was completely closed. She returned to the store to ask what Associate Christine C had done to her eye, and we were told that the shampoo had gone directly into her eye. Why hadn't they at least warned my wife?

My wife then took our dog to the emergency room vet that day, where she had to be sedated due to pain and an inability to open the eye. She was put on antibiotics. Then, this weekend the dog continued to suffer from what must have been a burn in her eye, so we took her to our regular vet. The eye was completely opaque.

Impossible to have been shampoo that did this. The vet said she had never seen such a bad corneal burn, of the entire eye. They operated on our dog this morning, trying to save the eye. My kids have been crying knowing that today our beloved dog got her eye sutured shut in order to save the eye, all because of someone who obviously did not care.

I am very upset. If anyone has any advice, please write me at medicaldevicesale AT If you are also pissed after reading this, please boycott their stores. If you are really really pissed, call the store.

They have been nothing but rude to us, and even refused to return my wife's payment, stating that they had provide a service. Yeah, what a service indeed.

Notice the left eye of our dog which was burned so badly that the light reflects differently. I am sick to my stomach just writing this and seeing the photo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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first of all when we shampoo dogs, if any soap gets in the eye we flush it immediately, we rinse the eye before and after shampooing


The same person posted this on They even displayed a picture of the "injured dog." Judging from the picture the dog looks fine so I wonder what they are trying to gain by this complaints.