Although I have not had any experience with Petco (my family owns a Natural Pet food store ), I have done my research and have had plenty of complaints to know what is going on. No matter what Petco says, It is not a Natural Health food store.

95% of Petco's foods and treats have the top 5 allergens in them: Corn, Wheat, Soy, Bi-Products and BHA. Therefore, if fed to your pet, they could go through many problems. This sadly, includes death, as seen in many reviews. Petco also has terrible customer service, and most of the Employees know nothing about Pet food, or your pets health.

If anything, they steer you to their most popular food: Purina. Petco ALSO Hires Teenagers to go to events, wear a Petco T-Shirt, and sell items to people, with little or no knowledge. To anyone that is wanting to find a healthy choice for their pet, PLEASE go to a health food store, NOT a big box pet store. Some Foods I recommend: EarthBorn, Zignature, Go OR Now, Natural Balance, Wild Calling, PureVita, Dog lovers gold.

They are all free of the top 5 allergens, and are extremely healthy for your dog. Do your research and consider going to another store :)

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As a Petco employee I work hard to help customers find the best fit for their individual animals. A vast majority of dogs DON'T have allergies to any of the "problem" ingredients that you listed.

I've also worked for a feed store where I got to do some nutrition education as well. Some of those ingredients can be beneficial if used correctly in foods.

Just because we carry Purina doesn't mean we recommend it. It can be easy to look at all the negative reviews and complaints, but some Petco employees actually give a *** about what each individual animal actually needs, and that's not always a natural food.


First of all, how can you review a company you openly admit to having zero experience with? seriously!?

second, if you have no experience where are you getting this information from??

I work for petco and you have your 'facts' wrongs honey.

Petco doesn't claim to be a "Natural Health food store".

95% of our foods are not *** grocery store foods.

I (and EVERY associate/manager I work with) would NEVER recommend Purina!!! Even the Purina rep that comes to her store feeds her dogs natural balance! How can you claim that Petco has terrible customer service if you've never been to one?

Our customers rave about our customer service at my store. When you're hired, as well as periodically, there are HOURS of training to teach employees about proper nutrition for all the animals we have. Managers also sit with employees one by one and help enforce nutrition knowledge with the staff. Also, you have to be 18 to work for Petco so these "teenagers" must be 18/19 year olds, legal adults, not like 13 year old children as you make it sound.

There are a ton of healthy food options at Petco such as Merrick, Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo so there's no need to "look elsewhere", if you have a problem with the local branch of your petco talk to the GM AT THAT STORE...it's not fair to bash an entire company that has some very hard-working knowledgeable people in it!


Chicken is one of the leading allergies in dog food


Don't complain about a company you have no experience with. I don't like Petco because their prices are consistently higher than Petsmart's.


We have a price match guarantee, I'm pretty sure it's nationwide


So you have no experience with Petco, you're complaining about them?


I work at Petco and I don't recommend Purina at all. I recommend Natural Balance or any of the natural foods.


Free advertising disguised as a complaint!


OK, not advertising but running down a competitor.