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This company used to operate like a well oiled machine. Not anymore.

In the past year or so after we became subjected to new ownership, the stores are declining. As an associate, I am always needed in 3 places at one time due to short staffing. Corporate does not give us the hours needed to run the store efficiently nor do they care. It's all about the bottom line and selling more widgets or services like dog training.

Profit and keeping stockholders happy is more important to them than anything else. Sure I get it- they are in business to make money. However, they are actually losing money and customers due to the way corporate shortchanges their managers and associates and leaves them without a way to maximize those sales/profits and keep the stores from running efficiently or succeeding. Employee morale is down.

If you have overworked, underpaid employees who need to do the work of 3 while customers get angry at them for something they have no control over, your workers will slowly stop caring and do the bare minimum just because they are overwhelmed. Heck, we are so short staffed there are days/nights that some of us cannot even be covered for breaks. Our 30 minute meal breaks are automatically deducted from our pay. However, we have so few people working and lines of customers, phones ringing, customers needing fish and crickets, stock needing to be placed on shelves, planograms to be completed, small animal care, customer questions, services needing to be sold, janitorial duties, etc that we do not have enough employees to cover other employees to take their breaks.

Now, I can call up Human Resources and complain, but I am afraid to because my store's General Manager is a sweetheart and she will be fired. She will be punished even though corporate only gives her X amount of hours for staff per week which isn't enough to get anything accomplished let alone staff breaks. So many co-workers are fed up with that and they keep quitting and we keep searching for new candidates to work for us who end up being hired and quit soon thereafter. It's a revolving door here.

The small animals are being neglected and so are the fish. We do not have enough people to handle all these responsibilities and the animals are often left in filthy quarters and on some days are even left unfed or have no water unless a customer points it out. Our managers are so overwhelmed that they are unable to even oversee this. More times than I care to admit, I have worked off the clock after my shift ended to quickly run in the wellness room (sick animals are kept there) to medicate and feed the animals that need special care.

My co-workers try their best to do this as well. The store has become a filthy mess and the shelves are always barren. How can you stock shelves when a shift consists of a manager on duty and one cashier. More times than not, the manager will spend 70 percent of his shift on register as a back-up cashier while the line snakes around, customers yell and complain and there is no-one on the floor to assist customers or handle important things that need to get done to have a store function properly.

Customers are constantly fuming mad, walking out empty handed in disgust and no longer coming back. When they do a store survey and they complain, guess who gets yelled out and threatened by corporate? We do. Even though we are not able to make the store more successful due to the limitations we are handed by corporate we are to blame.

We can't win for losing! We are expected to do so much with so little tools to succeed. It's never enough profit for them. They are constantly upping the expectations and expecting so much from a skeleton crew who tries so hard that all of our needs fall on deaf ears.

All of us work our hearts out, but the lack of associates and manpower has the store looking and operating miserably. Instead, when the DM walks in to grade our store we fail and get yelled at and threatened. Good, hard working managers and associates keep getting fired or written up because of un-empathetic, clueless corporate bosses. We try to explain that we need more staff/hours but the District Managers tell us to basically suck it up and get it done.

You cannot get blood from a stone and Petco has been bleeding all of it's workers dry because the bottom line and profit is their God. The animals are suffering too for it,

Reason of review: Working Conditions.

Preferred solution: Read this and make things better.

I didn't like: Corporate cluelessness.

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As a former PETCO employee of 20+ years, I must say what you have written is SO ELIQUENT & SO TRUE !!! THANK YOU for getting the TRUTH out there about this greedy retail chain; even the incessant "donation drives" are GREED-DRIVEN (50% of the $ donated is KEPT BY PETCO!!!).

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