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I usually go to Petsmart, but was in a different area so had to try a different stoer...

I went to Petco to grab a few treats for my dog. Upon entering, I saw a dog training session with a trainer, a Yorkie, and two pet parents. The trainer was attempting to teach the Yorkie to sit and stay (horribly, I might add). As soon as the dog sat, the trainer told the dog to "stay"...and proceeded to turn her back and walk away. When the dog got up, the trainer yelled "NO!" and clapped her hands at the dog. She tried again to have the dog sit (she had NEVER ONCE offered a treat or ANY incentive). When the dog would not sit, the trainer stomped on the floor and yelled "SIT!". The dog tried to run but the trainer pulled the leash back and kept ordering the dog to sit (still no treat or incentive).

You've got to be kidding me.... I had to walk away before I said something about this "trainer's" horrible skills and warned the pet parents to get out of there.

When walking to the counter to buy my dog's treats and get out of this Petco as soon as possible, I saw the session continue. Because the trainer couldn't get the dog to sit and stay, she stepped on the dog's leash until it was forced to lay down, repeated her "stay" command, and walked away. This time, the dog, confused and probably terrified, just laid there. The trainer returned back and ordered the dog up. NO TREAT OR REWARD. WORST "training" session I've ever seen in my life. I was horrified and got out of there as soon as I could. NEVER take your pet to training sessions at Petco. Petsmart is definitely the way to go. They're nicer and actually understand what they're doing and how to train dogs.

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Well, now you are just making the assumption that all Petco stores are bad which is not true. There is no perfect store out there.

I am sure there is a Petsmart that is bad too. You can't just generalize all the Petco stores as being horrible.

Fur baby mommy

After reading your 'WORST PETCO EXPERIENCE EVER' I'm curious as to why is you were so concerned about this yorkie you didn't bring your concerns to the manager? How can you be concerned with an issue you have tried not to bring to management attention?

I am not trying to be harsh by any means. If someone is doing something wrong you should try to correct it!