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About 18 years ago I discovered Petco in southern California. It was a great place to shop because of the knowledgeable and friendly staff, great products and a place where I could get all of my pet supplies. About 2 years into my loyalty to Petco, all of the great reason I shopped there were on the decline. The knowledgeable and friendly staff that knew me all by name were slowly being replaced with very young inexperienced unfriendly staff. If I need help you had to hunt someone down that never had any answers. The impeccably clean store I shopped in now was very dusty, dirty and not well kept. I brought my concerns to the manager/friend several times and she would either help me with my needs or take care of the problem. It didn't take much longer and with there decrease in quality and increase in prices I have had enough. My last visit I went to the manager (who had been replaced with a younger inexperienced one) and voiced my concerns. I said Ive been a customer for almost 3 years and the steady decline of the quality of service you provide and the unsanitary conditions you keep the store, fish tanks etc... I'm taking my $150.00 - $200.00 I spend a week on my animals somewhere else. His response was " Sorry to see you go" and walked away. Over the years I've used a handful of different Petco's when I was in a pinch and things have not changed. Fish tanks are dirty with dead fish floating, store is dirty and staff rather carry on conversations about parting and whos screwing who then help with bloat, mites or testing for PH. Now here is what leads me to writing this complaint. Due to the huge pet food recall of 2007 I've been watching all of the premium brands of pet foods for additional recalls and class action suits. I was using Nutro and EVO pet food but because of additional recalls for different toxic chemicals other then Melamine and because of the numerous class action suits for not disclosing whats really in the food, I came to the conclusion that Natural Balance Ultra Premium formula was the best for my cats. They use all human grade food (not rotten, decaying, diseased ridden animals) and the most important first 5 ingredients are Chicken Meal, Chicken, Brown Rice, Salmon Meal, Barley, Oatmeal. So I used Natural Balances locate a store on there website and the closest retailer to me is......up...PETCO.... so I thought it's been years since I've stepped in any of there stores and now living in northern California why not. So I went to Petco's website and it states they sell it for $28.99 for the 15 lb bag. I arrive at Petco 10/19/09 at 7:30 pm and upon walking in the door and looking for the cat food section I find my NB food and it says $33.99???? So I pick it up and travel over to the fish department,the fish tanks were nasty with algae and dead fish floating. When I found 2 associates laughing and giggling I told them about it and they said "we know". I went to the register to check out, I told the cashier on there website it says $28.99? She said " Petco on line is a different Petco and there not related"! (The cashier then handed my wife a instant $1.00 off coupon to fill out) and I said if your not the same Petco why on there site does it locate this store? "I don't know" she said. So I asked her for her corporate number, she said it would be on the receipt. I said that's your customer service number, I want corporates! she made a call and then wrote down a number and gave it to me. I then stormed out and left my wife to finish the transaction. When I arrived home I asked for the receipt it was the SAME NUMBER..and to top it off, the $1.00 instant coupon my wife filled out WASN'T EVEN REFLECTED ON THE RECEIPT!!!!!!!! Not only was I charged $5.00 more then what the price on the Internet said but they also didn't comp me my $1.00 coupon. So I came home and googled Petco+complaints...OMG..I'm not even going to start. Then I googled Petco+recalls and found out not only have there stores been dirty and unsanitary for over 18 years that I know of but so is there main distribution center, in fact the FDA seized a bunch of there it is.At the request of the US Food and Drug Administration US Marshals today seized pet food products from the Petco Animals Supplies Distribution Center in Joliet, IL. This comes after a warrant was issued by the US District Court in Chicago.

The pet food storage facility violated the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act because it allegedly had been storing pet food under "unsanitary conditions" during an FDA inspection of the Petco distribution center in April of this year.

During the April inspection FDA inspectors reported "widespread and active rodent and bird infestations". After a follow-up visit last month FDA officials found "continuing active and widespread infestation".

Margaret Glavin, Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs had this to say about the pet food seizure at the Petco distribution center:

Consumers expect that such safeguards will be in place not only for human food, but for pet food as well.

And this is what PETCO's site says.

We're committed to providing a safe, healthy and humane environment for companion animals in our stores and to setting a standard for pet parents to follow.

At PETCO, animals always come first, and our people make it happen.

We hire passionate, dedicated animal-lovers to work at PETCO. Our associates are in our stores every day, interacting with customers and helping them make the right choices to care for their pets. To ensure they're experts in animal care, we invest in ongoing, advanced training and education for all store associates and managers.

What a FRIGGIN JOKE!!!!!

If you shop at PETCO or know anybody who does pass along the word. Lets stand together and boycott PETCO. Anybody who continues to shop at PETCO after reading this should have there mental state evaluated and have there pet removed from them for ABUSE!

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Wow. You ARE ***.

I am so tired of *** customers not understanding basic economics!! You learn about this in elementary school people! When you buy retail, you pay overhead prices because it cost money to run a store!!

You are right about one thing though, the company has gone down hill in the last 3 to 4 years.

It started when the company went from being publicly traded to privately owned. Stop blaming the employees for things they can't control. Corporate has significantly cut stores' payroll. Which doesn't give the employees time to do everything that needs to be done.

It's actually very stressful. That's probably why you've been encountering so many young and inexperienced employees.

The old employees probably got tired of being treated like *** by corporate and quit. Lucky ducks.


There is no way that we can charge the online price in stores. Please keep in mind that we have to pay to have our freight shipped to us, have our associates unload our freight, plus we do have people that are knowledgeable about any food questions that you have.


Petco is a beautiful well-stocked store. Too bad it takes 20 minutes in line to purchase something.

First they try to talk each customer into filling out an app for their card, then you have to wait for the app to be filled out, then you have to wait for the cashier to put info in the computer. They really need to get their act together.


There are over 1000 stores in the Petco corporation. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean that Petco is a bad company.

There are a lot of associates and managers who absolutely care about the welfare and well being of the animals in their stores. This website is *** and just a place for people to start rumours