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I recently lost two baby rabbits and the frogs I had been raising for over a year. I walked into PETCO and decided I would cheer myself up. I was going to get myself an animal. I weighed my options and decided I had time and money for a hamster. I found a cute hamster and stood around for about 30 minutes waiting for SOMEONE to come ask me if I needed help. ..I started walking around looking for someone. Finally I went to the cashier and said I wanted to buy a hamster. She told some guy to do the paperwork. First he doesn't even care to see my ID. He is really rough taking the hamster out and throws stuff on other hamsters. I was really disturbed that the one hamster had a bad eye problem and possibly what looked like wet tail but mine looked fine. He gave me the paperwork with no instruction and didnt say hi or give me any information. I didn't even get eye contact! But I was too happy to have a new baby to really worry too much about the service. I was just in a rush to get home and set everything up.

I get home and the hamster is in complete shock! He's so scared and injured from what the guy did! The animal started freaking out and screeching. And i tried to calm him down but to no avail.

He died a while later and I was too devastated to take him back to petco so i put him outside.

Good job petco.

Alot of the animals there looked very sick and depressed to begin with. The worst part, there was a dead ferret in the one cage!

So much for cheering up.

I don't even want a fish at this point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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We only ask to see an ID if you don't look like you're 18.

I don't believe your story either.

A dead ferret in a cage?! I don't think so. Ferrets rarely die. I've worked for Petco for almost a decade and we had maybe 3 ferrets total die in that span(most likely from a respiratory infection of some kind).

The ferret was probably sleeping and you're too *** to tell the difference.

I can't tell you how many times a customer has told me there was dead animal in a cage only to discover the animal was actually sleeping and I had to disturb their slumber. Poor things.


This story is a load of ***.


You do know that for hamsters, any change in environment means they need to be let alone for a couple of days because of stress right? They can get wettail from it REGARDLESS of where you get it and yes could get sick and die.

Oh and yes I work at Petco so go ahead and flame me but the person helping you should have told you that. I tell every person I help that they need at least 2 days of alone time to destress. Our hamsters look just fine and I have never seen a ferret die. Alot of people come into the store with ASSUMPTIONS though.

People think our lizards are dead when they are shedding, ect. I worked in a local pet store too and we STILL had hamsters get wettail.

Its just one of those things that happens. If you look for something hard enough, you WILL find it.



Okay so since I know a bit about hamsters, having had some before, suddenly I am a disgruntled employee? Obviously you are a store manager for a petco trying to cover up your ***.


How would you know that there is paperwork and that your ID was needed? Also how would you know what wettail is?

Perhaps youre a disgruntled former employee? We can see trough your lies.