Mesa, Arizona
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Went to rescue some fish from one of these bottom of the barrel chain stores. Got a cuc for my saltwater tank. It doesn't matter how much a customer spends i still bought from these people. The items i bought were on sale, headed to the check out and nothing but 1 item came up with a discount. The manager LISA had to come over and over ride the computer to change the price. Whilst doing this she "whispered" to the cashier ALEXANDRIA, "jesus, it's only $8 Fu..king dollars" then she looked at me. She thinks i didn't hear it and i wasn't going to say anything to disrupt the line behind me. But if something is on sale and you didn't enter in into the database it's not my fault! There is no reason for this kind of language especially for someone who has spend well into the $4k range at petco stores. So Lisa, kiss my *** my business with you people is over.

Every single time i come in to rescue some poor fish these tanks are ridden with dead fish, ich ridden, algae problems and over priced fish. Then have me wait around until one of you *** comes over to help me after standing around for 10 minutes like an ***.

Petco - burn in ***. This store is locate on 2090 S Power Rd

Mesa? Arizona? 85209

United States

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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God if your service each time is that bad then why would you continue to keep shopping there in the first place? I agree the manager handled the situation unprofessionally.

But it's just as childish to go back on this website and call all of the employees *** And if their tanks look so bad and have such diseased fish then Why buy from them? Any saltwater enthusiast I know would never buy a fish from an establishment that was treating their fish as you claim.

And maybe you had to wait for ten minutes for help because they were busy assisting other customers. Perhaps polite customers who knows.