Providence, Rhode Island
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I will never return to petco. Their animals are horribly taken care of (some on the brink of death), their employees don't know how to handle the pets (some are even afraid to pick up reptiles and rodents), and corporate doesn't really give a ***.

Their bearded dragons are kept in a cool environment of between 68 and 75 degrees (which is dangerously cold for baby beardies), and they don't seperate the sick animals from the healthy (I bought a rat from there that dies 6 days later from respiratory infection). My thoughts on this is that they would rather the animals die before they get old and unsellable, than to have to keep them there.

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I work for petco. I am in charge of the animals.

I can tell you not all stores are like that. I genuinely care for the critters and so does my staff. We have cried over animals, we take them to our local vet when needed.

We have had hamsters that had to have surgery that was very expensive and have led healthy lives. Again not all petco stores are this way.


I have never been a fan of pet stores. I agree, the way some of them treat animals is a crime. I really feel sorry for them, but I cannot save every animal being abused.