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I placed an order for my daughters birthday for a large reptile terarium. She has been wanting one for years but the price was way to expensive.

Petco was having a sale on them so i quickly grabbed one online and paid for it. The next day after I placed the order petco cancles my order saying it was a pricing mistake. Isnt that called false advertising? So now Im upset and my daughter will be too.

Petco also claims I never paid for the order, but paypal clearly shows I did. So now I have to fight to get my money back and cant order another present until I do. Petco has finally crossed the line.

You have lost a loyal customer (and ive put up with alot from you) I work at a retail business that actually orders a large volume from petco, but not any more. Even my boss is fed up and this was the last straw.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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San Francisco, California, United States #668724

The exact same thing is happening to me too, I ordered the reptile terrarium and they cancelled it after charging me through PayPal. The charge went through its not pending like they lied and said it was.

They also lied saying they hadn't charged me for it.

The only reason I ordered from them was for that terrarium and when I asked to cancel the rest of my order they refused. Absolute outrage of poor customer service and false advertising.

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