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Petco claims that when enrolled in their P.A.L.S. program, if you purchase 10 bags of dog food, they will send a coupon for a free bag.

After purchasing 10 bags of dog food, staying with the same size and brand I received nothing. When I contacted their customer service department, the gentleman was very nice and told me that he would have another coupon sent. At that time he told me that there was another coupon that I was eligible for and that he would send that also. I received the lesser value coupon but not the coupon for a free bag of dog food.

A complaining message sent to the P.A.L.S. program was not answered at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Coupon.

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Prices are high because PetCo gets a truck every week???? ROFLMAO!!!!!! What a lame argument! Prices are high because PetCo is one of the greediest companies out there. PetSmart receives a trucks a few times a week. Does that mean they should raise prices?

PetCo constantly short employee's pay, also, and it is a month's long battle to fix. They hope you won't notice!!!

Customers pay your salary, Danielle. If you don't appreciate that and don't treat them respectfully, then you are in the wrong business. Oh wait.... You work for PetCo! Silly me! You are exactly where you belong!


@Danielle maybe you should have a better attitude about this kind of stuff. You sound a little bitter. You only get paid as long as you have customers, and you make them sound like more of a nuisance than anything.


It's really funny how some of y'all have nothing better to do than complain. Maybe y'all should watch your attitudes and ask politely and you'd receive what you needed.

Yes, I am a manager at one of the PetCo's and to listen to y'all whine and *** gives me nothing but pleasure when I turn down any discounts and I smile when you say you will go to a different store because I'm getting paid regardless and you have to probably drive further. Do not threaten me. If customer's ask nicely I am more than happy to help out.

The reason why Petco is more expensive is because we get our product shipped weekly ensuring fresh food on the shelves, to make up for the costs of shipping weekly our prices are higher.Y'all are the reason why the Buy 10 program went away, too many people didn't fill out their PALS applications correctly, didn't change their address, CHECKED THE BOX THAT CLEARLY STATED --Check here if you DO NOT want to receive coupons by mail or email-- Y'all need to learn how to read, be polite and accept the fact that you are even earning rewards FOR FREE. Sorry if you wanna feed your animals ***, go somewhere else.


With the old pals you could save 15%.Now you have to spend $100.00 to save 5% and they can't see why past customers are unhappy with the new program.Plus you ever notice they always under-staff the cash register? There's petco employees standing around ,but they never help when the register backs up ,and I've found that at 3 petco's in the Sacto area.


I had a receipt in hand from August 21st that said to earn my free groom I had to purchase the 8th groom by September 9th. I had my second dog groomed there on August 30th in order to get the free groom.

At that time they claimed they had discontinued the free groom program. I complained to the store manager who said there was nothing they could do even though I had a receipt that said to get a free groom I just had to purchase one more groom. I then called to complain and was told that they had discontinued the program, I understand that generally. But, they knew on the 21st that they were cancelling the program but persisted in pretending that I could still earn a free groom.

I have already switched to Pet People b/c they don't sell live animals for everything else and now I will be searching for a groomer elsewhere as well. Ridiculous.


Actually, with the food program, you were not given credit for same brand, different size bag. My local store ran out of my usual size often and would not give me credit for having to buy 2 smaller bags (more money) instead.

When my brand changed packaging (not content) I was told that the new bag was a different SKU and so I was not able to combine older and newer purchases.

I talk about the food program in past tense because it is now gone. Watch your mail. The program is now a "rewards" program with 5% earned for all purchases. Free food and free groomings (after # number purchased) are gone.

The fler claims that PALS is now "even better." Except for a "free" bag of food costing $30 you now have to spend $600 in store to earn the 5% back to pay for the "free" bag. Do the math: that means that you have to buy 20 bags of $30 food to earn a "free" bag. To earn enough for a $50 grooming, you now have to spend $1000. None of this is in the details describing the new program except buried on

Not sure how this program is "even better" but one things is for sure. Petco doesn't care whether it is or not.


I have been going to petco for 6 years and have recieved NOTHING BUT OUTSTANDING SERVICE.. I know the no longer do the buy 10 get 1 free they have another thing now where if you send do much they send you an email gining you 5 dollars back.

I love my store where I live the dog trainer is wonderful she is such a doll and their groomers are wonderful too. I hate some of you had a bad experience with yours in your town.

I guess I was blessed with good people at my store where I will keep going. Cause if I ever had a problem the girl I always see there will call their 800 number and take care of things for me and they send my coupons right to their emails to the store and I recieve them in minutes.


You have to have the proper info put onto your card and if you're not sure, go onto and you can edit your P.A.L.S. account.

Secondly, the 10 bags have to be the same size and brand and within a year of purchasing bag #1. I know there's a fine print, but don't blame just this Company...EVERY company has some sort of fine print.


Comment #10 is absolutely correct. I have called the hotline THREE times myself, by the 3rd time the coupon had expired and I still hadn't gotten it.

The 'update' to my address never took in the system and they kept reissuing the coupons to a 5 year old address.

I mentioned it to a manager once while in the store and she called and took care of everything for me.

I should note that before my first call, I had updated my address online. Apparently their system has some serious problems with not updating addresses.


The same happened to my family. Although, we did not get a coupon when I called to find out what was happening!

We were just out of luck (except for a lot of double talk and an apology for the misunderstanding).

I went in another Petco today and saw the same signage up in the store(saying buy 10 bags of same food and get a free bag). Bologne!!!


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What I don't get is why Petco is so much more expensive than Stop and Shop, Target, Walmart, and just about every other major retailer or grocery store. I find most of their stuff to be overpriced.

They have a really good selection, but why spend $20 on a dog leash when I can get the same brand on Amazon for $10 with free shipping?

Even bulk items like dry cat food is more expensive. I don't get it.


I have NEVER had any problems with receiving my free bag of food. I have been with Petco Pals for about 2 years now and I buy the huge 35 lb bags and ALWAYS receive my free 35 lb bag after 10 purchases.


ater 3 years no free food, no coupons, no nothing going to different stroe and different brand


Unfortunately store employees dont get anywhere with the PALS people either usually. I personally tried on multiple occasions for grooming customers who didnt recieve their grooming coupon only to eventully be told that they had to call and deal with it themselves.

So yeah, there went my customer service out the window and i had to tell multiple customers i'm sorry i can't do anything, you have to call your self. Oh p.s. you wont be able to understand these people when you call them and they will run you around in circles...

Outsourcing... Isnt it great


first off you probably didnt enter your information right idiots do it all the time. and swear up and down yes i did yes i did.

well i know tons of people who uses the pals cards and all get coupons. notice you said same size and brand. its the same size brand and flavor.

you cant buy wellness super5mix 30 lbs of lamb and then the chick and think it will work. ***


I purchase Royal Canin cat food which is expensive so I look forward to the coupon for a free bag. I have received several coupons already and they usually arrive about a month after the final purchase.

However, be careful to always buy the same size bag or it doesn't count! I made that mistake once.


I agree about the PALS scam. After buying diligently for 10 months at petco i never received a coupon and when I mentioned this to the manager he said he can't do anything about it.

So whoever this employee is who is suggesting that we ask the manager to call the pals hotline for us don't know what's happening at the store. Last time i will buy at petco.


Go to the store, tell them very nicely (I know its hard, but trust me, if you're aggressive no one will want to help you) that you never received your free food coupon and you would like the manager to contact the PALS hotline for you. They can call right there in the store and get the number from the coupon to use at the register. And if they tell you they can't do this, they are lying because I work there and I did it once for a customer whose coupon ended up at a wrong address.