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I was stopping by to get goldfish at a Petco store. I asked a person that i wanted goldfish, began questioning me what tank size I had.

I had a size tank something that they have, but i was refused to buy it. There is no law that requires pet store to refuse something where I live. One time I was also shopping at petco, they just gave me the fish with no questioning involved.

I probably will stick to another store that doesn't ask a single thing. This was a waste of time and GAS which was scarce at this time.

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If gas was so scarce, why were you wasting it on driving to buy a fish?


I used to be a manager at Petsmart til 05 and had to deal with people who knew animals "better than me" I was happy to detour them to either buying a bigger fish tank or buying a betta fish :grin . I'm sorry but the worker was in the right for refusing it to you as a pet.

you were only setting yourself up for disappointment. this also goes out to the *** parents who wont explain death to their kids, they try and buy a similar replacement because they are to afraid of their kids feelings... :? alright I'm done ranting..

I have years of stories that I would love to share but they wouldn't matter. anyhow STOP BEING RETARDED!


They're tanks are meant to house the fish until bought, not live in for the avg goldfish lifespan of 10-25 years. They get 8- 10" atleast which is more than half of a 10 gallon in the first place.

Grow a brain before u start complaining about the few people that actually care about the animals, unlike you obviously. :x


They were trying to keep you from wasting your money and killing a fish. Petco's display tanks are 10 gallons or less, and goldfish need at least 15 gallons PER GOLDFISH.

The only reason they get away with it is because of the huge sumps which keep the water fresher than the little filter you have at home. Do your homework.