Gretna, Nebraska

I have been a long petco customer since 2008, I wanted to use my petco rewards - their site said I had more than $200.00 in petco rewards, however when I went to use them, It stated 3days later, I had only $10.00. Now the amounts that added to more than $200.00 was dated.

Nothing ever was said about them expiring. I called customer service in whcih they said they would up the $10.00 to $15.00 & at end of my conversation $30.00. I advised all I wanted was this $60.00 pet carrier ( soft shell) prices are too high as it is. They said only $30.00 whcih I could claim them next day.

So then the next day comes and they gave a little over $23.00 so they willlie to you & deceive you!! Be aware of the lies !!!!!

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Since reward dollars are in increments of $5 and they gave you "a little over $23.00" I find your story to be ***. Also in order to have earned $200 in rewards you would have had to spend $4,000 which I doubt you did if a soft shell carrier is too expensive for you.

Do not bash a company for your own incompetence.

The way the card works is given to you when you apply plus you can ask anyone in a store or go online or call the pals customer service. It is in no way petco's fault you're ***..


Are you sure you weren't misunderstanding what it said? With the PALS program, every $100 spent earns you $5 rewards.

So if you spent $200, you would have $10 in rewards. Maybe that's what happened.


Go to your local Petco ask to speak to a manager. Show the manager your rewards that you lost and tell him you will no longer do business in a store that doesn't honor the rewards.

A good manager will honor your rewards that you earned. Also post on PETCO FACEBOOK PAGE to get their attention they need to watch Givem the pickle