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On Sunday July 1, 217 Petco provided false advertisement on their website. Clawsome Cat tree was normally $149.99, Petco listed price was $2.99 Pure Bliss cat tree was normally 149.99, Petco listed price was $0.99 Orthopedic Dog Bed normally $69.99, Petco listed as $2.99 Black Nylon Basic Dog Leash normally $10.99, Petco listed as $1.49 Daisy Popup Dog Stairs normally $29.99, Petco listed as $4.99 Harmony Pet Steps normally listed as $69.99, Petco listed for $4.99 There were also several other items that were marked down.

Petco proceed to claim it was a glitch and was supposedly going to cancel all orders because of the "glitch". However, Petco decided they would selectively decide which items they would honor and which they would not. All of the items I listed above we ordered several of. Petco honored the glitch in the dog leashes, and both dog stairs we ordered; however, canceled the orders on the dog bed and both cat trees.

We called customer service July 17, 2017 and spoke to a rep named Gene and a supervisor named April. They stated to us that all orders are canceled as it was a glitch in the system. We proceeded to tell them they honored half of our order and canceled half and asked them to explain why. They stated it must have fallen through the cracks.

We proceeded to ask how half of our order would go through, since the whole order was from a "glitch", and how they canceled half. They could not give us an answer. We proceeded to inform them it is not the customers fault they had an error in their website and we believe it is false advertisement as they are selecting which items they want to honor and which they do not. April proceeded to inform us several times that they were not selectively picking items to honor and which they did not honor but could not explain to us why then half of our order was honored and half was canceled, nor could she explain to us why this also happened to several of our friends.

This is NOT an accident on Petco, this is false advertisement trying to lure people in. I have a few screen shots that we took. The screen shot shows the prices on, some of the emails show confirmation, some emails show cancelation, some show being shipped, and one shows that on an order the dog bed and cat scratcher was canceled but half of the order contain the leashes was shipped. Thus, this shows that they were being selective.

They canceled all cat scratchers and dog beds, yet they sent us our order of dog steps and also half of our order containing the dog leashes. However, ALL of these items were supposed "glitches". Here are my 4 issues with this whole Petco Scam: Petco is honoring some items / orders but not them all. How is Petco determining who and what items people can get?

They honored our dog steps that were $69.99 but we paid $4.99 and also our dog leashes that were $10.99 but we paid $1.49 yet they canceled our cat tree and dog bed. How did they selectively do that? How are some people getting their items that they ordered, some people only get half their order, others their whole order? It was false advertisement to lure people in, not a glitch.

Secondly, Petco customer service. Petco randomly canceled people's orders without any explanation so of course people are going to call customer service. Customer service used profanity with some customers, hung up on some, were rude, and some were polite. Some told people it was a glitch, some IT problems, others were told a picking error, some were told a pricing error, others were told they were hacked, that they accidentally put the wrong price, some reps acted like they had no idea what was going on.

Petco apparently thinks it's okay for their customer service workers to cuss customers out. Petco thinks it's okay for their customer service workers to lie to their customers. I mean, you'd think they'd all be telling the same story not lying to all their customers and having 6 different stories. Petco has proven they don't care about their customers.

Thirdly, they were able to send out a cancelation email, without explanation, but still have my money. I was never informed when I'd be given a refund, just like I was never informed why my order was canceled. Lastly, before Petco caught onto the "error" customers were calling into customer service and were specifically told he items were marked correctly at $2.99 and proceeded to confirm their orders for them. Also, when calling into Petco stores, customers, including myself, were told those items were the correct prices as they were discontinued items and needed to be gone quickly before the new product came in.

So which story is it? If anyone was involved in the PETCO SCAM please email your comments, concerns, issues, and screen shots regarding Petco to both: Also, please file a complaint with the BBB, Better Business Bureau, consumer affairs, yelp, petco sites, etc.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Advertisement.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Jul 18, 2017.
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Me too!!! It's awful customer service I am getting those emails too and it *** me off


They never resolved my issue and they are still sending me emails to give a review on the items I supposedly received I never got anything

Texas, United States #1351858

They still have my money as well. Imagine the interest they are earning on the millions of dollars we collectively spent on these falsely advertised items. I am thinking about contacting my attorney on principal

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