Portland, Oregon

I would like to know how PETCO could sell a product, K9 Advantix, which can burn a dog's skin so severe that the vet says it may kill the skin in the area and leave a big hole in this dog’s neck where the K9 Advantix was applied. K9 Advantix needs a much stronger warning on the label telling of the real possibility of permanent skin damage.

I also Believe PETCO needs to educate it's staff so they may educate the pet owner as to the real dangers of these flea medications and what to look for to catch any problem that may arise. PETCO could even give some advice as to alternatives to these poisons.

In closing, no product should be sold in a store that can cause this kind of damage without some serious discussion at the time of purchase.

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Frontline burnt our Lab.


The headline for this complaint should read, "my dog had an allergic reaction and I need to blame someone!"

Why is it petco's fault that your dog had an allergic reaction? It's an issue that you should have addressed by the manufacturer, K9 Advantix. Then again there is a WARNING label on the box. Maybe you should start reading those things.


You made my day!! Hilariously true!


I agree with both Lena and Marie. I've worked at a pet store for 2 years now and I have customers come in all the time with the same ignorance. And usually the owners are over medicating their dogs with flea/tick medicine, shampoo and flea/tick collars.


good point Lena. also, not every dog will react to chemicals in the same way.

some dogs have allergic reactions to flea treatment, and some have allergic reactions to wheat. should customers purchasing food containing wheat have to listen to an employee warn them of the potential allergic reactions?


This is a ridiculous complaint. YOU as a consumer should do your own research, especially when using CHEMICAL treatments on your pet. Your complaint is akin to saying "I can't believe that grocery store sells liqour and cigarettes"