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Petco Needham Ma. 7/4/13 Broke my greyhound's leg when grooming her.

Total neglect on their part. I never got a straight answer but they claim she jumped out of the tub and over a wall and landed on her right side resulting in severe injury. Why was she not leashed?I was told to take her to an emergency vet and they would pay. I have not been paid.

They promised to pay the vat and have not. I was going on a trip for my 50th birthday and petco ruined it for me. I am handicapped and she is my companion dog. Petco says she is just considered a possession.

She will never be the same and the company Petco has turned the claim over to will not pay for my mental anguish or her long term medical bills. Heck, they have not paid anyone yet. My 5 year old greyhound is in pain and she does cry.

How do I deal with Petco ? SEE PIC'S

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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"Concerned," how is your opinion in any way "professional?" Show us your vet's degree or dog training credentials.

While I agree the vet bills should be paid, when you go into ANY grooming salon, you sign a paper that says you agree to let the groomers handle your dog.

If your dog is unruly or does not take to being groomed, then you should do it yourself.

If you are not physically able to care for a dog, then perhaps you shouldn't own one. They require a great deal of care.


I've had my associate degree in Veterinary Technology since 1998, 3 yrs of pre vet and pet sitting business for 12 years Good enough for you ?


You are an *** without a heart. PETCO is responsible here.

Any *** can see that. You clearly missed that this is a work dog for someone with a disability. I am SURE it is well behaved.

People like you are whats wrong with the world. You make me sick!!!


petco KILLED my dog!!!!

just went in for a grooming and my dog went into cardiac arrest and never got him back...PETCO sucks!!


This is horrible! I don't think I'll ever shop at PetCo again. (Actually-- I know it!)


Update: She needs to have another surgery in some weeks to remove wires and pins which are holding her leg together. I am glad she did not loose her leg.

Her leg is disfigured but she will be able to walk. Sadly she will most likely never be able to be a service dog again and she is very nervous and jumpy from her horrific grooming experience at Per Co.


Very sad!, I have a dog and can happen to me, I feel sorry!


Thank you for your post expressing your concern for my dog. I appreciate it.


I'm not going to disagree with the fact that they owe you the dogs medical bills and any bills you took as a direct cause of this. Don't give us your BS of "mental anguish" I hope they don't pay you that. I hope if you sue the courts don't make PetCo pay that either. Why do people always expect to be over compensated for a tragedy or an accident. Had they hurt you due to an accident they caused, fine, you deserve something for your pain. Guess what, it's a dog. It jumped and hurt itself. It's an animal, not a human being.

Sorry if I sound cruel, I'm not trying to. I'm looking at this at a business/law point of view. People need to realize what really happened.


"It's an animal not a human being"? A life is a life and the fact that you are minimizing this individuals life is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Yes, it's extremely callous and ignorant to look at an animal as "just an animal". They live, breath, feel pain and happiness. And actually, Petco's negligence did in fact cause mental anguish, especially due to the circumstance. Having your dogs leg shattered 2 days prior to a 11 day vacation that was saved for, for quite sometime, ruining her vacation! Furthermore, needing to speak with the vet and the caregiver several times a day for updates, not to mention the problems she's continuing to have. That to me is absolutely mental anguish cause by high stress.

All the money in the world couldn't bring back the quality of life for that dog. Being stressed and in suspense each and everyday, awaiting news from the vet due to ongoing complications is absolutely mental anguish. If it applies to humans it should apply to animals who bring so much joy into people's lives. Oh and last but not least the dog is a companion dog for a woman who is handicapped. That is priceless!!!

Grow a heart which a vast majority of you lawyers seem to lack.

You also state "people need to realize what really happened ". So tell us, what RELY happened? Petco employee I presume.


I said I'm looking at this from the law point of view. If the dog jumped off and hurt itself then perhaps if it was tied up and got out of its collar then its totally the dogs fault.

If it wasn't tied up then yes, its PetCos fault. She is trying to cash in on a horrible accident.

Please, let me know why the dog needed to be in a harness and tied up in the first place. Because it is an uncontrollable animal!!!

Companion dog. That means she is mentally handicapped, as in probably on Social Security to not work a day in her life. Guess what, my family's dog got out of it's collar and ran into traffic and got crushed under an SUVs tire. Does that mean the driver should pay for our mental anguish?

And no.

I've never even been in a PetCo in all my life. I shop at PetSmart because it's closer to my house.


What a proposterous thing to even say. You don't even know this individual and make the assumption of what her life may be and I assure you it's quite the opposite. Learn facts before making such ignorant statements. And let me say something else, I know this family personally as we'll as the dog and she is a very well behaved quiet dog who resides with other dogs. I'm absolutely sure she wasn't tethered while being groomed and was left unattended. That is my professional opinion.

I can also assure you this is not a matter of money and is in no shape or form is an explanation owed to you.

FYI. I'm truly sorry about your dog but that dig was under your care, custody and control so it's YOUR responsibility for that dog. It's not the drivers fault because your dog got loose, just as that dog was in Petco's care, custody and control, they are fully responsible.

Listen, you weren't there, you are in no way involved in this incident. You have not experienced the heartache and anxiety this has caused her owner. I have, therefore speaking on personal knowledge of the case.

You want to ASSUME and for that, you look like a complete ***.


So, people that are mentally handicapped are lower and less deserving than people who aren't? The people who are unlucky enough to be the ones to care for you when you are old, and possibly suffering from Alzheimer's/Dementia should be aware of your feelings on this.

Just ensure you are treated the way you feel people with mental issues should be treated. At least you will be one of the easy ones that they don't actually have to care for!!! I have psychological issues caused my years of verbal/mental abuse and multiple traumatic events, am I less deserving of feeling the happiness because of this? Animals are one of only 2 things that bring me true peace and happiness.

So yes, I would think someone injuring one of my pets, causing them to act differently, qualifies as mental anguish.

Not only that, but if this dog is a companion for someone who suffers from MENTAL health issues, I can definitely see them being hurt as MENTAL anguish. Especially when it is caused by neglect.


This dog is a service dog under the ADA. This dog is not a pet and is viewed under Federal Law and State Law as a dog that has been trained to perform tasks for a handicapped person.

If you want to look at the business aspect of this incident then get your facts straight. That is, unless you work for Pet Co and if that is the case then go ahead and kiss butt-er.


She said quote "companion dog." A companion dog is entirely different than a service dog. A companion dog is for comfort and is therefore NOT A SERVICE DOG!!!

Yes, it is not a pet, nor is it a service dog. Okay, I've already stated that I'm not a PetCo employee, and that I've never even stepped foot into a PetCo. If you'd like to know, I go to Petland for my pet supplies. The *** dog jumped out of the tub, it caused the injury to itself!

She's playing the sympathy card "I'm disabled, I was going on vacation, oohhh, feel bad for me!" If PetCo agreed that it was their fault, then she is owed the medical bills and all losses that she sustained DIRECTLY caused by this.

I am opposing the mental anguish. She is trying to cash in on a horrendous accident!


You sound like an angry young man. Have you ever experienced a relationship with a disabled person?

This dog is a service dog and also a companion. If this person was blind and lost the use of their service dog do you think their life would be difficult? Put yourself in their shoes and think how hard it would be just to exist. What if that person was deaf or in a wheelchair with mobility issues and could not function because of a careless employee.

Can you even imagine what your life would be like? Perhaps you are young and lack life experiences.

Maybe you could volunteer for an organization helping blind adults and learn their life limitations. Open your eyes.


You should have been aborted :(


I'm just going to assume that you are the same person that replied to my comment. I hope so, if not, please disregard this.

Yes, my grandfather was a WW2 veteran. His leg was hit by shrapnel when a grenade went off. Thankfully he was able to retain his leg for the majority of his life. A few years ago, his leg was getting worse and had to be amputated. My grandmother took amazing care of him and we didn't really have to help him many times. Me and my brother did help him from time to time. We performed simple tasks for him so I don't know if it counts or not, but I have helped him before. I also have helped many people in different walks of life at my job. Don't say I don't help people.

Either way, my opposition to her complaint is saying it is a companion dog instead of a service dog. They are two totally different things! A service dog actually helps (mostly) people with physical disabilities, the blind, people with bone diseases and/or muscle diseases, etc. A companion dog is for BS things like "anxiety" often people register their dogs as this to receive Social Security disability when they don't actually deserve it.

There are real people with problems! People that deserve SS disability. TONS AND TONS of people cash in on these disabilities. I know because a "friend" told me that she does it. If it were a service dog or is a service dog that actually helps a physically disabled person then yes, it is a different story. They may be obligated to some sort of monetary compensation. Either that or just register another dog as their service dog when the hurt dog heals.


Yes, she is a service dog and like your Grandmother give service to a handicapped person similar to your grandfather. Can you imagine if your Grandmother was killed by a careless drunk driver or even injured to the point she was unable to give her quality care to her husband.

Your Grandparents sounds as if they were married a long time and thus also were companions. Mental anguish should enter the picture but does not. Under the law the loss of seven or so year of SERVICE from a SERVICE DOG and a great companion must be compensated from the party at fault , Petco. In defense of pet owners who have had their pets killed or harmed by Petco the law needs to be changed.

Perhaps Petco would hire more experienced groomers and be held accountable then a lot of these needless accidents could be avoided.


cry me a river.