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I was out of town for a week with my two dogs and wanted to pick up some treats for them so I stopped by the local PETCO store. I grabbed a bag of Small Biscuits (4.75 lbs bag)to bring home for the dogs.

After giving them a few treats that evening, I looked into the bag and noticed the bag was full of worms!

Now I'm wondering if the dogs are going to get sick and how many other consumer's have brought home "wormy" PETCO products! The product was bought in a Santa Barbara PETCO store.

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I work at a pet store and these are meal worms. It's impossible to keep them out of dog food.

They come in shipments from the suppliers arena they can get into things very easily. As a whole the employees have to check every biscuit and treat.


I also bought Winning Value dog biscuits and had funky bugs in it. My dog never got sick, and got my money back.

Other dog treats they sell that are made in USA don't have any bugs in them and my baby girl is happy. I do still shop Petco because other products they sell are not buggy.....


I bought dog biscuits at Petco beginning August 2013. Two weeks later my daughter noticed little white worms in the biscuits.

I returned them to Petco, received a full refund Amd a $5.00 coupon.

I will NEVER buy food from Perco again.

I took pictures of the worms and I am going to send them to Petco Headquarters.

The brand was: Winning Value. Assorted dog biscuits.

I am wondering if my puppy is going to get sick from eating these worms.


We bought Petco brand medium dog biscuits and they have larva that become a moth in the bag - yuck! Taking it back tonight!