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I bought a clown fish that had white markings in its back tail. I asked if that was normal, looks funny...

he said it was OK. I brought the fish home and it died and killed my other fish within 12 hours. They would not exchange or anything. *** idiots!

They didn't even care it offer me any solutions. I asked why they gave me a receipt if they won't do anything about it.. I will never shop there again. I understand how they keep prices low, dying fish just get put on sale!

***! I hate petco

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Any fish that makes you second guess its health....pass on it.... White spots, torn fine, skinny or bullying eyes are not normal and unfortunately there is NO return for saltwater fish because they are more finicky than freshwater


Saltwater fish don't have a return policy due to that they are so finicky. Any fish that has white spots, bulging eyes, skinny, or makes you second guess there health should not be purchased


My boyfriend bought a yellow tang from Petco last week, he had a snowflake clownfish, and another saltwater fish in his tank. The yellow tang died first, then the day after, the other saltwater fish, then finally his very expensive clownfish.

Couldn't see anything wrong with the tang, but nonetheless the thing entered the tank diseased and killed all the fish within the tank in a week. What a waste of money.


There is no guarantee on marine fish anywhere. If you can't recognize the symptoms of Ich, why would you try to maintain a saltwater tank?

Of all the things that could have gone wrong with your tank, buying and adding a SICK fish was the easiest thing to avoid. Next time, trust your gut if you see something funny with the fish.

A word to the wise, at Petco, their name badges will have a sticker with a fish on it if they are specialized in aquatics. Talk to those people.


Tess, yeah you can go there now. It turned out that this was all a lie from an employee who was fired from Petco.


Petco fish, as far as that goes i wouldn't trust any advice the employees give when it comes to keeping marine animals. There lack of care, knowledge, and ability to maintain there tanks is unreal.But on the other hand,i have bought some good fish from there ,in the end it is us who have to know what signs to look for .....


Or maybe you should KNOW things like that when you are attempting to maintain a saltwater tank. There's a reason salt fish are usually non-refundable in most stores.

They are hard to keep alive and maintain. And even if they don't show signs of Ich, the stress of moving into a new system can often cause it. But to actually buy a fish with white spots all over it...

consider this your first learning experience. :cry


Sorry to hear that, probably one of their unknowing staff, as they do not train properly about diseases.


It probably had ICH and infected your tank and fish. If not taken care of, the fish can die from it.

When the store only has one parttimer who knows nothing about aquatics on duty, that is what happens.

You should work there and really see what goes on... I'd love for PETA to find some people to work there..


It is not really plausible to keep 2 tanks of saltwater fish, as difficult as it is to keep one. Quarantine suggests they are sick to begin with... I got it in Germantown MD


Yeah, it sucks that your other fish died, but that is why you should quarantine all new fish for up two two weeks before adding it to your main tank.


I want a fish from petco! Should !

go there or go somewhere else?

:? :upset :x :roll


I can't believe they didn't even care that your fish died and killed your other fish that you probably loved! If you could, I would sue them because it is illegal to sell a sick animal. Which Petco did you go to?

San diego(CA), ect