Lawrence, Massachusetts

PETCO sold my cell phone number to a shifty "survey" company who then proceeded to call me at 11:25 pm. When I went to the store to complain, the manager blew me off & told me to call 1-888-824-pals.

Well I have a cell phone, PALS on my phone is )/;*. So obviously that wasnt going to work! I go home and google PETCO for a real phone number, and I am re-routed to the Phillipines!!! I am sooooooo done with PETCO!!!

Be warned!

PETCO will sell your personal info, so if they ask you for your phone number or any personal info... refuse to give it to them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Customer Care.

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They just did the same with me!!


They don't sell your info to anyone. However they do give their customer info data to outside survey company's such as SSI.

If you do the research on SSI, you will find that they are one of the many shady company's out there. They call you from bogus cover numbers so they look like local numbers, but are usually out of state or out of country. It does not matter if your number is on a no call list because they only apply to telemarketers not survey takers. They are legally not supposed to call a wireless number, but they do until you email them to remove your number.

Many retail places do this and its a shame that these stores feel the need to outsource something as simple as a survey.

Here is a link to their site so you can have your number removed.


The best way to affect change with the Petco folks is to stop shopping there.


I know for certain that Petco sold my number to a telemarketer. I know this because my husband changed our rewards phone number to my cell number (which I was NOT happy about, and this is the ONLY company who has received my cell number EVER) and the following week I started receiving a call telling me I can reduce my credit card interest rate.

Each time I block the number and each time they call with a new number, never do any of them work when I try to call them back. They are all non-working numbers. My phone number has been registered with the National Do Not Call list, and every time I report these calls to them, but it will do no good since these are fake numbers set up to mask the real number.

Petco is the only company in the 12+ years to ever get my cell number and after 12+ years of having this number this is the first time I have received telemarketing calls. Not a coincidence!!!!!


As a petco employee, I promise and assure you we are NOT selling your information. The reason you are getting these calls is so we can discover what our customers liked and disliked about their visit.

For example, if they ask about dog food you bought last and such, that allows us to see which food is needed to be kept in higher supply so we can keep our customers happy. Also it gives you chance to let your preferred store what you think should change. (I know at my store in michigan, any negative comment prompts our GM to hold a coaching session on proper customer service.) In regards to the pals hotline, survey call removal, and emails, I think the anonymous posters, Maui, and random cashier have it covered.

Over all, the most important thing to keep in mind is this...Even though we may only be cashiers, dog washers, shelf stockers, and even critter-***-cleaners, we are no less human than you are.

Do not look down upon us or view us as thieving ***.

We are just people, young and old trying our best to make a living by helping pet-parents within the community gain the tools to give their furry, feathery, or even scaly friends the whole life they deserve. :)

@That Trainer with the Flower

You may be human, but so are your customers, and the powers that be had better learn that they have no right to call customers unless they give permission. There are LOTS of other places to buy pet supplies.

@Sparky Del Croix

Sorry, my sympathy for you goes out the window when I'm getting paid 8.50 an hour with constant shift cuts and an apartment that's a living *** to pay for when the most you privileged *** have to worry about is getting called for a three minute survey during dinner time.


They didn't sell your phone number, they were asking you to partake in a customer service survey about your visit.


Just got a call at 7pm CST from from an Unknown number. The woman that called asked if I "made a purchase from the Petco at 201 North Summit, Lewisville, TX within the last few weeks?" Then asked if she could ask a few questions about my purchase. VERY fishy.


Hey ** me off, You don't have to be clueless regarding the e-mails you receive! Look them up with "who is"


What kind of *** doesn't know how figure out what numbers to dial to call "pals"? Just so you know, they are 7257


WOW! You must consider yourself to be really special!

You think petco went out of their way to sell only your number to an outside company? Really? Out of millions of people?

Just your number? Get over yourself.


let me ask you this. why in the Fuuuuuuuuchjhck would anybody want to buy your phone number? you are retarted get a *** life


Being both a PETCO employee and a member of the PALS customer loyalty program, I can assure you that I have never received any suspicious phone calls or spam mail that seemed to be the result of giving PETCO my email address or phone number.

In fact, by giving PETCO your email address and utilizing the PALS reward system, you are allowing them to email you ONLY coupons, newsletters, and grooming reminders, all of these things I almost rarely get in my own inbox. And by giving them your phone number your are enabling them to look up your PALS account in case you don't have your card or are incapable of remembering your PALS number.

If you are receiving weird phone calls I would suggest that you sign up for the national do not call registry. And if you are receiving too many spam emails I would suggest that you set up a filter in your email account rather than, you know, clicking on everything you see on the internet.


2 days ago, I canceled my PETCO "specials" emails because I was getting them like every 2-3 days and they were always the same thing. Now, in the past 48 hours, my email account has been receiving 3x as much spam as normal.

I typically receive 1-2 spam emails per day, but now I'm getting like 6 and they're all from very similar domains. My other spam was almost always from some other country and money scams, but these new spam emails are all "deal" oriented. There's no question PETCO did this, as the spam increase happened immediately after I opted out of their email notices. Any idea how do I fix this?

You know they'd just deny it if I try contacting them. Plus, they'd probably sell my phone# as well.

This really *** me off.

To "Petco Cashier": Your comment is ridiculous. Being a cashier, you have no idea what PETCO does with customer info, bub.


Hey, whats up... ya...

we don't sell your information to anybody, are you sure you didn't type your phone number in somewhere online like say...

Facebook, or maybe you have a smartphone app that you didn't research properly before adding to your phone.

I know for a fact that Petco does not sell your information, that information is plugged into a database that is all computer automated (meaning it can only do what it's told to, meaning it can't just send your information to some "shifty" company) sooo ya, no human being ever sees your information... grow some brain cells, bub.