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April 16,2012, Took my dog to Petco groomers for a bath a brush. While performing this, my dog turned

around with the lead on his neck while on the grooming table. He choked. The manager called me and

told me he had "bumped his head during grooming". When I picked him up, both eyes were bleeding and

bulging..I took him immediately to the vet who informed me he had been strangled. He may lose eyesight

in the worst eye. He looks so sad and does not come to me now, I know he thinks I left him there and let

him down. I went back to Petco and asked if they had breakaway collars during grooming..they showed me

a large breakaway leash that a small dog could not initiate enough force to break in an emergency. I am

considering a lawsuit after viewing the MANY inicidents that have happened at Petco groomers in various

cities. Do they ever even CONSIDER safety of the animals and the "what if" scenerios?????

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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You won't get a penny from Petco, they are cheap and could care less about animals or employees. Been there done that...

The mngrs are not allowed to do too much caring, as that cost time and time is money lost.

I'd never donate to the petco foundation. They make it sound like Petco gives allthe money, it is YOU who gives the money, and they get the credit.



I am a dog groomer. There is no excuse for any groomer lying about an injury to a pet. That said I once had this overweight toy poodle whose owner insisted on staying. Nooses are used mainly to stop dogs from jumping from tables and injuring their legs, and also to have the dog stay in a spot while grooming. MOST dogs seem to get the idea that they are in a noose and need to remain on the table.

Any how, this owner walks towards the table unexpectedly and calls her dog as she approached, WHY?

The dog lunges off the table towards the owner and is now hanging. I am at the back of the table, the owner is just standing there hysterically screaming, rather than grabbing the dog, grrr.

I get the dog, unclick the grooming noose. And the dog has a seizure at that point.

This woman is calling me incompetent and everything else. Well sorry, who would CALL their dog while it is restrained on a table?

The vet was well familiar with the woman and dog, afterwards relating that the dog HAD a seizure condition and that this was NOT the first time it had convulsed, as the owner had led me to think. He said that at his office they always ask her to wait outside in the waiting room when they had to give shots, or anything that the dog wouldn't like, otherwise the owner was sometimes more of an issue than the dog. The dog was fine, there were no eye injury as you describe.

The one time I did have a severe eye injury it turned out that the dog had previously undiagnosed glaucoma. The owner was furious, thinking probably that I'd punched the dog in the eye! It looked grotesque and I literally had no clue how, or when it happened. I agreed the dog didn't come in looking like that. The dog did struggle in the bathtub and the vet figured that had been the start of the vessels giving out. I was just relieved that there WAS an explanation, I was fond of the dog and had groomed it for years, before...and after.


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