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I had my 10 year old dog with bad hips to the Petco grooming dept in North Hills. Was assured she would not be picked up would be washed & groomed on the floor, she was not. He legs were sore so bad she could barely walk to the car I had to get help getting her in my car.

I paid an extra $7 for a special shampoo to cut down on her dry flaky skin. I was told she would take up to 1.5 hours I went back a little over 2 hours later and was told her was just finishing up. She was still completely wet looked as if she had never been dried. Some of her nails were trimmed some were not, ears were not cleaned and she did not look that good. With in 5 days she was covered in flakes and stunk bad. I wrote a email to the corp office and all I got was we'll talk to who ever did her. I asked for her to redone at no cost I was told the manager of the store would call me. Now almost 2 months later I still haven't gotten that call. I would of been happy if the even offered to groom her at a reduced cost but I got nothing.

I have a Rott mix who is a gentle old laid back girl not a mean bone in her body. She easy to bath & groomed never causes a fuss. I'm even more pissed off over the fact I had to take her to the vet to get pain medication because she picked her up put her in the wash bin and banged her back left leg. Which is still hurting her to this day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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Once again I have been messed up by Petco. I tried to give them my online business and they messed up the order and now all I can do is call the Phillipines AGAIN.

I have spoken to the people in the Phillipines at least 8 times this year and I have had enough. Between their having to merge a duplication of accounts (their fault) and messed up orders.

It is too frustrating anymore. So, Petsmart, here I come with my monthly expenditure of anywhere from 75.00 to 150.00...ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN DEALING WITH PETCO...they could care less about the customer


I would love to know what type if ANY licence you groomers hold to work for petco??? In my honest opinion ALL petco groomers need to be shut down.

I'm beyond furious at this point. What exactly qualifies you to groom a animal?


Where do I begin! Filthy water, dead fish and sales people with little to no knowledge.

The only way to purchase a healthy Betta is when they first arrive at the store. A day or two after that the fish shows problems.

I have purchased Betta Fish and have brought them back from the brink of death, but I should not have to! Change the water!!!!

Very troubled PETCO consumer.


It's very likely this was not Petco, but PetSmart. Unfortunately, in the North Hills, both are on the same road and the Petsmart grooming department seems to be a revolving door of young, undertrained staff.

At the Petco, where I now take my dog, I can see not only the kennel area but the bathing area as well so I can actually observe what the person handling my dog does or does not do. I am shocked if this happened at Petco... I cannot fathom how such a "concerned" person wouldn't watch their older special needs pet to be certain everything went as directed. Finally, shouldn't you call the store or visit management there personally to discuss your issue and resolve the problem?

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is another instance of an uninformed consumer wanting something for nothing. Clearly this is not concern for a pet but for a wallet.


Agreed! I was the GM at this store and this definitely did not happen at my store. I think this person is talking about Petsmart.


Did the groomer admit that your dog was picked up and placed in the bath tub or are you just assuming this is what happened? Were you told that your dog wold be completely dry and ready to do in less than 2 hrs?

It is very uncommon for a dog with her special needs to be ready that fast. Because of her bad hips it would have been impractical to require her to stand for a long time in order to be dried and since Petco salons do not use heated dryers it would have been difficult to have her cage dried in that short amount of time. As for the flakes that appeared on her skin a few days later-really? You expected a shampoo to fix what was obviously a chronic skin problem.

She is an old dog with special needs. Her skin is bad and her ears probably are as well since those issues often go hand in hand. ANYTHING done to your dog that is out of the ordinary for her will cause her to use muscles and have soreness no matter how carefully she was handled. Personally had she come into my salon I would have declined to do the service for just this reason.

People think we are miracle workers and when the outcome isn't what the owner imagined our skills are maligned and we are accused of being somehow neglectful in our treatment. Take your old dog to the vet the next time she needs a bath and while you're at it ask the vet WHY her skin is flaky and smells nasty less than a week after her bath.