La Mirada, California

We went to our local petco this Sunday to give my dog a vaccination. This is the FIRST out of our 5+ years we have been going here where the so called "vet" REFUSED to give her vaccinations, because she tends to threaten people she doesn't know out of fear.

This is ridiculous. I am never coming here again, and I hope that "vet" is never hired, because I've never met a vet that was as scared as my dog before.

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Petco doesnt have a Vet. They havea mobile Vet that comes every 4 weeks. Totally different company

If your dog is aggressive and you cant control him/her you are putting yourself and your dog in serious jeopardy


Weird, because petcos don't have vets. Any of them.

They have vaccination clinics where a third party mobile veterinary team comes in to their stores for a couple hours.

So that's who you should be blaming...a completely different company. Unless maybe you are thinking petsmart, which does have vets on site?