Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I went in to buy some pet food and was informed that the PETCO PALS program now required an email address on file. I made the mistake of providing them with my email address....

Now the spam emails will not stop.

I have used the "opt-out" link in the email, but it does not work. I have contacted my local store in person and via telephone. I have also contacted their HQ via email and telephone.

They have told me I am deleted from their computers - but the spam continues. I am getting unsolicited marketing messages from PETCO just about every day now.

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I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Multiple emails in any given day. I wish I had the money to sue them for harassment.


4 PetCo emails in one day around Christmas time! FOUR!

I emailed them a week ago as well but it STILL won't stop. RUDE if not illegal as I thought an 'unsubscribe' link (or one that actually functions!) was mandatory; a brick & mortar store such as this! They've lost MY business. And off to the "junk" folder they go!

They've lost MY business.

Amazon here I come! (actually, I just learned where amazon is cheaper on both my cat food AND my dog food!!!)


Same Petco spam problem here. I just send their emails to my junk folder and I go out of my way to shop for my pet supplies somewhere else.


I am having the same problem in 2015. Extremely frustrating since they send more emails than any other company. PETCO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!


I have this problem as well. Emailed them multiple times about it to no response. Their website says I'm not subscribed to anything yet I get an email every day.


Petco is driving me nuts with all these emails!! MAKE IT STOP


OMG... PETCO is driving me crazy with these emails. I would not have given them my email address if I had known this would happen.


Yes, same experience. Four people on their 877 phone have refused to connect me to a supervisor, have told me my account is still active, and each promised it would stop in 48 hours.

No change, every day ads saying 25% off and exceptions apply. Exceptions always apply to food which is all I was buying, so that's a scam too.

I will keep calling and seek additional phons until this stops.


i am too. This is really annoying. Petco ought to know better


Petco keeps spamming me. Their opt out link doesn't work... Booo!


Just block their emails so they can't be received by your email.

@So sad

Im getting a lot mail. So annoying