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Went to PETCO to buy Iams Dogs Biscuits the 24 oz box. It was like $6.99. Then I went to my local grocery store to pick up some grocery items and saw the exact same box of biscuits for $2.99!! I immediately went back to PETCO and returned the biscuits and told them why. Do you they cared? NO! Do you think they would price match? NO!

Then, a few weeks later I went back to said PETCO to buy Blue Buffalo Adult dog food the 30# bag. I looked that morning at their website and they were selling it for $44.97 with free shipping. However, when I went to get it off the shelf it was $50.99! There are signs all over every aisle about how they price match their foods. So I go to the register to check out and I say "You know, this same bag of food is $6 cheaper on your website". The cashier said "Yes, the food is always cheaper on line". Then I ask if they will match the price and she said they don't do that from their online website. That is completely ridiculous. You won't price match your own prices???? Never, ever going to shop at ANY PETCO EVER!

Guess what, they lost a customer over about a total of $10. Great customer service guys!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Get over it ***


A lot of stores do that believe it or not and that's because petco and petco.com are 2 different companies. You just have to look for the best deal.


petco does price match but not to online like others have mentioned. if you came in on the offense, and you had an inexperienced cashier, they probably just didn't take the step to find out the policy for you. and walmart doesn't price match to their online prices either, so you should probably boycott them as well ;)


I already do. Can't stand Wal-mart!



Petco also has alot of wonderful brands. They might be higher priced on some items, that's what the price match is for (excluding internet prices, live animals, and services). Petco also has a rewards program for "cardholders" that gives them sale prices and coupons.


They should have price matched the Iams biscuits for sure, but not the dog food. It's basic economics. When you buy ANYTHING in retail you are paying 2 to 3 times more than what the product is worth because of overhead. It costs money to run a store. Employees don't work for free. Power plants won't let you keep lights on in a store for free. Trucker drivers won't work for free. Gas stations won't let truck drivers take as much gas as they want for free. Overhead pays for all that. I guess you never learned about that in school though, huh?


Yes we learned that in school, thank you very much. The point is the sign said "we price match our foods" yet they wouldn't price match with their own website?

That is ridiculous.

Put up a sign that says "we price match our foods except for prices on petco.com" and I would have been fine with that. I would have thought that was strange and a little *** but I wouldn't have been aggravated.


Its just *** to not price match their own prices. Walmart can get away with it becuse they usually the only option.

Feliway diffuser $49.99 in store and $34.99 online.

My local petco wold only change the price to $39.99.


Thats bull...the money goes to the company either way...either from online sale or store. It should be price matched...

PetSmart does. I'm not a big fan of ANY live animal selling chain retail store...but seems to me PetSmart is far smarter about their customer service.


The price matching on the biscuits is definitely the error on the cashier that processed your return. I would have asked to speak to a manager concerning that issue.

As for the online pricing this is the reason why Petco Online prices differ from in store prices. Petco allows the online consumer to purchase the product utilizing Petco's buying buying power and receiving the product directly through the manufacturer.

This eliminates transportation and overhead cost that the in store consumer has to pay. Petco's Price Match Guarantee states that Petco will match any competitor's advertised price excluding live animals, services, and online pricing.


Sorry. I still don't buy it.

It's their company, they should match their own online prices. Ridiculous.


Yes PEtcO is pricey...PETSmart is better and they have better brands...they have a lot of discouts for cardholders =D