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Petco now has a policy to ask you about the kind of enclosure, home, backyard that you will provide any pet that you purchase. if the sales clerk is not satisfied with your answer and feels that it is cruel oh, the sales clerk will not allow you to buy the pet.

Feel free to bring with you a picture of the cage or the aquarium, dog house, etc that you will be using at home for your new animal in case the sales associate needs more information. Or, you could just go to PetSmart where the associate will not turn down an aquarium sale just to deny you a $0.30 goldfish. Also, Petco has very odd cruelty policies. They believe it is cruel to put a goldfish in any enclosure smaller than a very large tank oh, but they do not believe it is cruel to sell feeder mice, or to keep Betas locked up in Tupperware containers.

Most of all, do not dare ask to buy a $0.30 goldfish because you will be told that you are cruel for wanting to put it in anything other than an enormous tank or outdoor pond.

PetSmart's policies are actually smart. They believe that customer satisfaction is more important than the idealistic protection of a goldfish.

User's recommendation: Go to PetSmart instead.

Preferred solution: Correct the nonsensical goldfish cruelty policy..

Petco Cons: Nonsensical policy restricting the sale of goldfish.

Location: 11160 Rancho Carmel Dr, San Diego, CA 92128

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PetSmart can also deny an animal sale if you don’t have the proper setup. Get over it and buy the correct supplies so you don’t kill an animal or give it a miserable life.


You aren’t entitled to a live animal. Either get the proper setup and supplies or go get a stuffed animal.


It's about animal rights. It's about not selling pets to someone unprepared to take proper responsibility for another life.

Good thing they wouldn't give you what ever pet you wanted. If you can't be bothered to go home and take a picture to bring it in, in order to purchase the pet, you are not fit to take care of the animal either.

The way you point out the $0.30 goldfish, as if it is less worthy than a higher priced pet, is also troublesome. A life is a life.

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