Winder, Georgia
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On 4/28/11 @ 11:55 AM, I went into the PETCO store @ The Mall of Georgia. I was their to purchase a battery for my dog's PETSAFE collar.

I had called the previous day and confirmed that they had the item in stock. I asked the employee, Raynisha, for the item of which was locked in a display case. I was told they a night manager took the keys home with him and that was the only key they had and that the manager would not be in until 4 PM and I would have to come back. Raynisha and a unidentified male employee stated that the night manager often takes the keys home with him.

I was amazed at how unconcerned these employees acted. I was furious that I made a 25 mile trip to this store for a item that the store had and that I could not buy. The employees offered no apology or nothing. PETCO lost a sale for the battery, and for a 50 Pound bag of dog food and a box of K-9 Advantage 2.

They lost $70.00 in sales due to their incompetence. I called Petco Customer Service, a Jerry in the Philippines, answered my call. I gave him all the details and asked that a manger for PETCO call me. Jerry took all details and said that he would escalate this complaint to a General Manager.

24 hours later, I have not received any response. I also sent a email to their customer service link on the PETCO website on 4/28/11.

I did receive a confirmation that they received my email. No other response received

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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Maybe we should google David Lawson and post some complaints about him! That'll teach him!


David Lawson,

It really bothers me that you would put personal information like an employee's name and what store they work at on the internet like that. Especially when it is not her fault that she is stuck working with a manager who can not remember to leave the only key at work. I'm sure you have worked with people who do things beyond your control that you have become apathetic about, but no one goes around on the internet calling you out by name and saying what a horrible job you do and where you work so every *** off self entitled customer with an internet connection can go hassle her and try to get stuff for free because now they have a name to drop.